Samsung Galaxy Buds + receive new update with ambient sound optimization and more

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The South Korean giant from Samsung has released a new update for its Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones, whose mission is to apply improvements to the ambient sound and also improve the stability of the connection.

The update is identified as R175XX0ATE3 and it has a size of 1.32MB as with most updates that are released for this device.

This update also comes to fix the errors previously found and apply an improvement in the reliability of the system, so it is recommended to apply this new update.

To update your Galaxy Buds +, you just have to go to the Galaxy Wearable application, open the charging case without removing the headphones, wait for them to connect with your smartphone and then you must go to the software updates section where you will find the following image:

The update process takes about a minute and a half, and remember not to close the case or walk away from the headphones while the Galaxy Buds + are updating, try to follow the instructions on the screen correctly.


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