Samsung Galaxy S21 FE value “light” flagship out of the box, appearance, performance, power, camera measured! (Unboxing, Reviews, Specifications) – Phone Brand News

▲The design of the lens part continues the style of the S21 series, which is also 3 lenses, and it is very recognizable.

▲ The body of this phone is only 7.9 mm, and the weight is only 177 grams, and the volume button and the power button are designed on the right side of the body. (especially for pinky fingers)

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE value

▲ The bottom of the fuselage is equipped with a SIM card slot, a microphone, a charging transmission hole and a speaker. And from this angle, is it more able to feel its thinness?

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE value

▲The part of the screen adopts the design of digging the hole in the center of the front lens, and also adopts the fingerprint recognition under the screen, but I have a lot of criticism about the position of the fingerprint recognition. , Fortunately, the speed of fingerprint recognition is very fast.

As for the audio and video performance, let’s talk about the screen first. This phone is equipped with a 6.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with a resolution of 1080×2400 and supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz. Overall, the display effect is the same as that of the S21. The standard, especially for watching videos, the visual experience is very good, and compared to the S21, which is 6.2 inches smaller, I think the S21 FE has achieved a more perfect balance in terms of screen size, body size and weight.

In particular, the brightness of this screen is very high. When the automatic brightness is turned on during the test, it is enough to only adjust the brightness to 20%. But the advantage is that outdoors, even in the case of bright sunshine, the readability of this screen is still quite good.


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