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In a changing world, Samsung continues to do what it has always done: innovate

Through : Dr. TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business

When I look around me, I am amazed at the amount of innovation that exists in our world today. However, it is the evolution of the smartphone that excites me the most. This unique device has spawned new digital industries – remote work, education, entertainment and fitness – and the ability to capture, explore and communicate with anyone, anywhere, from the end on point.

The smartphone is a portal to infinite progress. And at Samsung, we never took that for granted.

It’s not enough for mobile innovation to evolve with the world. We need to be one step ahead, so that our technology can help transform the way we experience everything around us and make our lives easier. That’s why we constantly strive to push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do.

Breaking the codes to start the next chapter
In 2011, the Galaxy Note merged the convenience and portability of smartphones with the extended screen and notebook-like functionality of tablets. Although not everyone liked the 5.3-inch screen – considered huge at the time – the Note created a legacy where a big screen is now the norm. The S Pen also surprised everyone. It allowed users to combine creativity and productivity: whenever inspiration struck, they could quickly jot down their ideas and thoughts in Samsung Notes.

In 2019, we dared to redefine smartphones once again. We launched our Galaxy Z Fold series and brought an entirely new form factor to the mobile industry. Our cutting-edge foldable design changed the way people used their phones. With Flex mode, video calls are easier and hands-free. And multitasking with multiple windows is a breeze, too, as your phone takes on the size of a tablet in a snap. Again, the industry was quick to follow suit. Many mobile phone companies were quick to follow suit.

Innovate while listening to you
In a sea of ​​smartphone uniformity and iterative updates, our ambition remains firm: to be one step ahead. To do this, we listen carefully to what you want. We combine this knowledge with the latest technical possibilities, and this is how we always manage to amaze the world with breakthroughs.

We know many of you were surprised last year when Samsung didn’t release a new Galaxy Note, a device loved for its unparalleled creativity and efficiency that allowed you to go from gaming nirvana to productivity. flying high in the blink of an eye. And, of course, the much-loved S Pen. These are “signals” that we have obviously not ignored.

Galaxy defines the future
For years, Samsung has converted skeptics who thought our ideas were impossible. Whether it’s a screen that’s too big, a stylus that no one knew was needed, or a pro-grade camera that could really lift mobile photography out of the dark.

With each new evolution of Samsung Galaxy devices, we have introduced features that redefine the entire mobile device category. And we’re about to rewrite the rules of the industry once again.

Next month, during Unpacked 2022, we’ll be showcasing the most remarkable S-series device we’ve ever created. The new generation of Galaxy S has arrived, bringing together the best experiences of our Samsung Galaxy in one ultimate device.

To give you a little taste: you will conquer the night and take the best and most remarkable images ever taken with a smartphone. You’ll command your day with power, speed and never-before-seen tools. You’ll enjoy groundbreaking innovations made possible by having the smartest Galaxy ever. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re part of the most sustainable Galaxy ecosystem.

Get ready for the ultimate Ultra experience.

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