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Samsung launches a Sound Tower speaker ready for fun to welcome the party with sound Bi-directional powerful 240 watts

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November 24, 2022 – Bangkok – Samsung delivers joy to welcome the party with the Samsung Sound Tower that comes with a variety of sound technologies. To enjoy more music anywhere. Whether it’s a sound Bi-directional, 2-way loudspeakers delivering up to 240 watts of sound power.

There is also Party Lights+, party mode lights. Adjust fun lighting effects. Match every sound of music, built-in battery for up to 18 hours of use, waterproof according to IPX5 standards, available now at a price of 19,990 baht and when buying through Samsung.com, 0% installments for up to 15 months, free delivery, no minimum from today until 31 December 2022

Samsung Sound Tower Features

● Bi-directional sound, 2-way loudspeaker sound spreads loudly throughout the space with a design. Bi-directional That is unique to the Samsung Sound Tower that will allow you to listen to music farther in every corner of the room.

● High Power 240W Delivers 240 watts of powerful, powerful sound to take your music anywhere, and add a Bass Booster for a more powerful sound experience.

● Built-in Battery The battery can be used continuously for 18 hours for unlimited outdoor entertainment.

● Waterproof as standard. IPX5 All sides of the machine lid can withstand low pressure water spray from the nozzle (3 mm (0.25 in.)) for a long time. Any Pool Party can handle it.

● Party Lights+ LED party lights, fun lights. Adjust the lighting effects to match the music such as Party, Ambient, Dance, Thunder Bolt, Star. Set the lighting effects to match the music and go dancing.

● Group Play lets the party stand out by connecting multiple Samsung Sound Towers together wired or wirelessly for a richer sound experience.

● Bluetooth® Multi Connection Share together, enjoy together. Everyone at the event can connect and pair their mobile devices at the same time. together to share and enjoy different songs together.

● Sound Tower Application Let the party go wild with the perfect DJ app. can control various lights and sound effects Including EQ settings right from your mobile device.

● Karaoke Mode Wearing the soul of a pop singer, pick up the mic, play your favorite song, and sing without leaving the mic.

● Built-in USB port Easily connect external devices via built-in USB.

● TV connection via Bluetooth® to enjoy your favorite music or shows without cables.

In addition, Samsung also has several Sound Tower products to choose from, such as MX-T70, MX-T50, MX-ST40B. You can see details of other Sound Tower models at Samsung.com

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