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At its Unbox & Discover event, Samsung Electronics showcased all of its latest visual display innovations, including the new 2022 Neo QLED 8K, and revealed how its vision for new product development is focused on enhancing the user experience.

In his opening remarks, Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice President, CEO and Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division at Samsung Electronics, emphasized that screens, like those on TVs, are poised to transition from being devices that only allow content consumption, to become a device that brings more value to users’ daily lives, redefining its future role under the vision of “Screens everywhere, screens for everyone”.

Creating a sustainable future for people and the planet

Samsung is doing everything possible to minimize its environmental impact throughout the life cycles of its products. For example, the company’s eco-friendly packaging keeps printing on packaging to a minimum, reducing ink use by 90%. Additionally, the new SolarCell Remote is now completely battery-free and can be charged via 2.4 GHz radio frequency harvesting, drawing spare power emitted from Wi-Fi routers. It is 88% more efficient than previous 2020 models.

In addition, Samsung Neo QLED 8K received carbon footprint certifications from the Carbon Trust in recognition of the company’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product lifecycle.

Since 2014, Samsung has focused on ensuring easier and smoother accessibility to screens for everyone. To this end, the company introduced innovative new technology at Unbox & Discover 2022 that automatically analyzes and identifies a best location to display subtitles to avoid blocking a certain area of ​​the screen. It has also developed a sign language avatar to guide users through all the features and help them navigate easily.

A hub for the smart home ecosystem

With the TV at the center of the smart home ecosystem, users can easily control all their devices to make the best use of them. Samsung also introduced Smart Hub, its new user interface, powered by Tizen. The new Samsung Smart Hub brings all aspects of the smart experience together in one easy-to-navigate home screen. The new tab categorizes features, settings, and content into three categories for a seamless user experience: Media, Gaming Hub, and Ambient.

The Media screen integrates a wide range of entertainment services in one. The Ambient display is designed to display a variety of content, including world-renowned works of art, as wallpapers when users are not watching TV, contributing to the interior design aesthetic. In addition, Neo QLED 8K provides a comprehensive NFT platform that allows users to explore and display digital works of art thanks to the close cooperation between Samsung and Nifty Gateway.

A perfect ecosystem for gamers

Samsung 2022 displays are set to help create the perfect ecosystem for gamers with the introduction of cutting-edge streaming technologies and next-generation hardware. Samsung Gaming Hub provides all the necessary features that users need to enjoy the latest titles from game search platforms along with streaming services. The new platform will be available later this year on select 2022 Samsung Smart TV models. [1].

Notably, Samsung’s 2022 lineup features four HDMI 2.1-compliant ports.[2], ensuring a simplified connection even with the newest game consoles. The new devices also feature an exceptional 144Hz refresh rate, excellent 4K resolution, and low input lag to ensure fast speeds, while the all-new Game Bar improves visibility. At Unbox & Discover 2022, Samsung emphasized that users can fully immerse themselves in all different types of games thanks to the improved image quality and optimized gaming environment of the 2022 lineup.

The culmination of television innovations

At the heart of the innovation behind Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K is its Neural Quantum Processor 8K. Twenty independent AI neural networks analyze each scene and adjust picture quality to deliver the best viewing experiences, regardless of the content’s original picture quality. Additionally, Samsung 2022 Neo QLED 8K Real Depth Enhancer maximizes depth and vividness by enhancing image quality and sharpness, making scenes more lifelike.

Samsung’s exclusive Infinity One design provides a slimmer, sleeker look, making the TV appear to float above the ground. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K is also built with a 90W 6.2.4 channel audio system supporting Dolby Atmos with Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro).[3].

The slim screen is the perfect match for your new ultra-slim sound bar, which supports a Dolby Atmos Wireless System. In addition, the sound bar’s subwoofer with 3.1.2 channels and a passive radiator provides the perfect audio performance.

The expansion of experiences through state-of-the-art accessories

At Unbox & Discover 2022, Samsung introduced new accessories to deliver optimized screen experiences tailored to each user’s changing lifestyles and trending preferences. The new Slim Fit wall mount makes the ultra-slim Neo QLED 8K stand out, standing just 7.5mm from the wall. Plus, the latest Full Motion Slim wall mount, nearly 50% slimmer than its predecessor, sits just 19.5mm from the wall to complement the display’s sleek styling. It can also be tilted up, down, left and right to create the ideal angle for the best viewing experience, regardless of where your viewers are located. Using the auto-rotate accessory, the screen can be switched to portrait mode, using the remote control, so users can easily enjoy portrait mobile-style content.

By placing the screen in the middle of the room or without the media console, the Studio Stand ensures a sleek, modern look. Users can display photos or NFT artwork in landscape or portrait orientation even when the TV is turned off so it can also serve as a singular piece of art. The latest three-way MultiView also allows users to display various content, such as live streams, YouTube or online reviews, all at once.

Samsung reiterated how the role of screens is constantly evolving, quickly transforming into a tool to fulfill everything from ‘game console’ and ‘virtual park’ to ‘the perfect partner to improve efficiency’. and a ‘Smart Hub to control the home’.

[1] Gaming Hub availability may vary by region.

[2] Port specifications may vary by product.

[3] Available in the QN900B model.

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