Samsung TV Plus announces the return of a channel with Christmas films for the end of year period

2023-11-03 16:00:00

The free content distribution service Samsung TV Plus returned with a channel 100% dedicated to Christmas content: Christmas Films. The return marks the countdown to the end of 2023 and the arrival of several new features.

According to Samsung, there are 24 hours of Christmas programming with films that will delight the whole family with exciting dramas, moments of pure comedy, stories of love and hope, in other words, a perfect program to celebrate this special season.

The new channel returned to air last Wednesday, November 1st. With features produced by major studios, such as the Hallmark Channel, the Christmas Movies channel promises to deliver programming that will move, make you laugh and reflect.

Those interested will be able to watch the entire film franchise Natal em Evergreenwith heart-warming stories about unexpected events that unfold in surprising ways to show the power of destiny in human life.

The films An Extraordinary Shepherd e He Knows My Name They are already scheduled for a special on November 11th. The films exalt the power of kindness and gentleness, and fill the heart with hope for Christmas miracles.

Operation Puppy e Natal em Hollywood These are films that feature children as protagonists and promise to make people smile more in front of the TV. To check out these and other Christmas films 24 hours a day, Just tune in to channel number 2000 on Samsung TV Plus.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung TV Plus is a free benefit available to all users of the South Korean brand’s Smart TVs manufactured from 2017 onwards. No registration, subscription or payment is required. Just turn on the TV and enjoy.

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