San Juan: Uñac and the PJ seek to retain and JxC intends to surprise

2023-07-02 18:55:00

The province of San Juan is holding elections for the governorship this Sunday, after the electoral calendar was postponed as a result of the decision of the Supreme Court to prohibit the governor Sergio Unac, go for a new mandate. Nearly 600,000 voters are qualified. In May, the people of San Juan elected local offices when Peronism prevailed in the vast majority of the districts, except in the provincial capital. Election day will take place under the Open Democratic Participation System (SIPAD).

With an electoral law similar to the “motto law” format established by the provincial Legislature in December 2021, the ruling party candidates are Ruben Unac, brother of the governor who was forced to be a candidate, and Jose Luis Giojathe stainless ex-governor, who seeks to return to the governorship.

José Luis Gioja accused Sergio Uñac of “turning around like a sock”

While Together for Change presents four candidates. A priori, the most competitive is Marcelo Orrego. Marcelo Arancibia, Sergio Vallejos and Eduardo Cáceres are also listed. While, the candidate Agustín Ramírez is aligned with Javier Milei.

The decision that the governor was forced to make by castling his brother Rubén, as a candidate, raises questions and leaves an open end in a province in which JxC won the midterm elections.

In the provincial government there were complaints until the last moment about the decision of the CSJN, which they describe as an “interference” not only with Peronism, but throughout the province. The current governor expressed for PROFILE: “He is the best candidate.” Let’s remember that Rubén Uñac is currently a senator and political partner of his brother.

Rubén Uñac: “Life’s circumstances put me here today, and I’m not going to get my ass out of the syringe”

Open Democratic Participation System (SIPAD)

The motto system guarantees that all the votes of Peronism come together in the most voted formula. However, the tension in local Peronism is undeniable. On August 13, the current governor will compete in the PASO for a national senatorial position against Juan Carlos Gioja, brother of José Luis.

For its part, JxC is excited that the wear and tear of the ruling party that has governed for decades will help them give the bump.


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