San Mateo Atenco will have a budget of 382 million for fiscal year 2022 – El Sol de Toluca

The City Council of San Mateo Atenco approved the budget of incomes and expenditures for fiscal year 2022, for a total of 382 million, 532 thousand 086 pesos.

This budget was designed in accordance with the needs of the citizens, in the order set by the Municipal Development Plan, with which they will fulfill the commitments that will respond to the demands of the population, and its exercise will be carried out in strict adherence to the principles of transparency and accountability, reported the municipal president.

Likewise, it was announced that the increase to chapter three thousand will allow to increase the number of solid waste collection units and with it, expand the service routes to satisfy the constant citizen demand for collection; He reiterated that this service is not and will not be concessioned to any individual since it is not the responsibility of the municipal administration to concession the provision of services.

He explained that with this increase the operating conditions of the Solid Waste Transfer Center will also be improved, because it currently does not comply with state regulations on the matter and it will be able to guarantee better services and greater protection of the environment.

The mayor explained that she made sure that each of the items covered by the budget would focus on the well-being of the Athenian population, whom she thanked for the trust and support they have given to the municipal administration in the first 52 days of government. ; and she reiterated her call to continue teaming up and working side by side to make San Mateo Atenco a clean, orderly and safe municipality.

He affirmed that, in order to strengthen San Mateo Atenco as a fair, inclusive and supportive municipality, spaces and services for people and families in vulnerable situations will be recovered, through community kitchens, health care services for patients with cancer, older adults, people with disabilities, and women victims of violence, in addition to continuing to promote gender parity and substantive equality.

This 2022 budget gives greater value to the human security model to strengthen the sense of community, neighborhood organization, citizen participation and harmonious coexistence.

In the same way, producers, entrepreneurs, businesswomen and businessmen of the municipality will be promoted, with a program of commercial and tourist promotion, and through the municipal employment service.

The mayor informed the members of the Cabildo that this budget will strengthen the drinking water and sanitation network; the maintenance of roads and public spaces with free Internet, and will promote the municipal Scholarship program and the actions of education, culture and sports.

The municipal president emphasized that with the approval of its 2022 income and expenditure budget, the government of San Mateo Atenco reaffirms its commitment to be an innovative, close and transparent administration, meeting the demands and needs of the people of Atenco with public services of quality, the simplification of procedures, digital services and online collections, as well as the streamlining of processes for the rapid opening of businesses and companies.

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