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Ricardo Rengifo Penalver / @RdeRicardinho

Sandovalera, daughter of King Seraf in Rufvalle is today the strongest card from Venezuela for the 2021 Caribbean Horse Series to be held in Puerto Rico, specifically at the Camarero racetrack.

The one born in Haras La Orlyana, has a perfect campaign with a record of nine wins in the same number of outings to the Caracas track, setting prohibitive times against those of her gender and at the same time against the best colts at La Rinconada racetrack.

This Two Beat granddaughter, born on January 9, 2018, began her trail campaign on December 12, 2020, debuting under the orders of Ismeiro Villalobos in 1,200 meters, a commitment that she won by a head difference with the training of Nelson Castillo.

His second duel was the Classic Francisco de Miranda, on January 30, 2021, now under the leadership of Lexander Sánchez the chestnut measured forces against the males at a distance of 1,400 meters and triumphed by five lengths ahead.

On February 28 of this year, Sandovalera would reach the hands of Jaime Lugo to run the Classic Manuel Fonseca Arroyal and dominate those of his sex by eight lengths in a distance of 1,600 meters.

Every time the Stud Sanros filly went up the distance she showed more superiority, running with mares or males, without a doubt Venezuela was in the presence of a true champion.

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Under the training of Nelson Castillo, the champion would dispute the Classic Hypocrite G2 but behind the device she was withdrawn by veterinary decision.

Without thinking about it, this mare would become the most loved filly by a country, and after a four-month strike she would return to the Caracas arena under the extraordinary training of Ricardo Rosillo, precisely on June 27 at the La Rinconada Classic Racetrack, the first step of the Triple Crown of mares, a duel that was victorious by seven lengths in a distance of 1,600 meters.

After reappearing winning after four months without running, he would return on July 18 in the National Equestrian Press Classic, second step of the triad, at a distance of 2,000 meters where he humiliated more than seven rivals winning by eight lengths.

Sandovalera would run into the males seven days after the National Equestrian Press, in the second step of the Venezuelan Triple Crown, Clásico Cría Nacional, and the chestnut responded by approximately three and a half bodies at a distance of 2,000 meters.

After only 14 days, specifically on August 8, the San Ros pupil would gallop the General Joaquin Crespo Classic by eight lengths of difference, and would be titled Triple Crowned 2021 under the same leadership of his official whip Jaime Lugo in 2,400 meters.

The daughter of King Seraf, galloped the males for five lengths in the Millar Ziaide Classic on September 12, traveling 1,800 meters.

Sandovalera will go to the Caribbean classic conducted by Emisael Jaramillo |  Horse riding 123 |

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Before making the preparations for the Caribbean, Sandovalera had to face the best mature woman in La Rinconada, a tordilla named Afrodita de Padua and it was at the Caracas Equestrian Gala, where these two met forces, a duel called Clásico Cruz del Ávila. A commitment in which the one trained by Ricardo Rosillo put in 10 lengths of difference, obtaining her ninth victory in a row and demonstrating that without a doubt she is the best specimen of today at the La Rinconada racetrack.

Sandovalera is now preparing for his trip to Puerto Rico in the first weeks of November, counting on the impeccable riding of “Zorro” Emisael Jaramillo for the Caribbean Classic.


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