Sandstorm dramatically increases air pollution in Beijing


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A.Miguet, G.Caron, R.Vicente, C.Wang

France 2

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In China, pollution levels peaked this week in Beijing. The air in the capital has become unbreathable due to a sandstorm which is filling the sky with an orange haze dangerous to health.

The yellow dragon has awakened. In China, a 100m high wall of sand is advancing towards Beijing without anything being able to stop it. This sandstorm engulfs entire cities in its path. “Meteorological services issued a yellow alert for the sandstorm for the next twelve hours. Visibility will be reduced to less than 100m”informs a Chinese presenter on the air. This alert also concerns pollution and pm10 particles deemed dangerous.

Glasses and masks on the faces of the inhabitants

This phenomenon is caused by a combined effect in the spring of drought and very violent winds from Mongolia, which raise dust and cause material damage. Beijing is not spared by this atmospheric pollution which encompasses the city. Glasses and masks are on the faces of the inhabitants, who are asked to avoid outdoor activities. This is the third sandstorm this year in the Chinese capital but undoubtedly the most severe. The level of pm10 particles reaches a rate 37 times higher than the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

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