Santé Publique France publishes new recommendations on the dietary diversification of

From the age of 4 months and up to 3 years, children are in the so-called dietary diversification phase, a key moment in their life which aims to accept new food. Indeed, after breast milk or artificial milk, babies gradually discover other tastes. As part of this dietary diversification, Public Health France has just published eight new recommendations for parents but also health and early childhood professionals.

“The educational practices of parents, relatives and more generally of the social environment will contribute to the acceptance by the child of new foods during the period of diversification and will have an influence on his way of eating over time. term”, wished to recall the national public health agency as a preamble to these new recommendations.

Trust the child’s appetite and avoid screens

After consulting health and early childhood professionals as well as parents, Public Health France has decided to publish several recommendations. The agency notes in particular the possibility of introducing all food groups, including foods known to be allergenic, from the start of diversification, that is to say between 4 and 6 months, to introduce new textures. from 6-8 months (about 2 months after the start of diversification) but also not to hesitate to offer a food up to 10 times, a baby may need time to appreciate it.

Then, the public health body recommends systematically adding fat in homemade preparations or in those commercially available that do not contain it as well as introducing sweet products at the latest possible age and in a manner limited. It is also advisable to trust the child’s appetite, to watch out for signs of fullness and not to force a child to eat. Finally, it is desirable to be attentive to the environment of the meal, in particular avoiding the presence of screens.


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