SAR Government’s Warning to Zhou Ting: Turn Around and Cooperate or Face Consequences

2023-12-04 12:40:00

2023-12-04 HKT 20:42″ title=”The SAR government advises Zhou Ting to turn around and cooperate with the police, otherwise he will be in trouble and regret it. (Hong Kong and Taiwan pictures)”>

The SAR government advised Zhou Ting to turn around and cooperate with the police, otherwise he will be trapped in deep mud and regret. (Hong Kong and Taiwan pictures)

The SAR government solemnly stated that Zhou Ting, who was arrested by the National Security Division of the Police on suspicion of violating the crime of “colluding with foreign countries or foreign forces to endanger national security,” publicly stated on social media that he would jump bail and abscond, disregarding the law, and the authorities will fully pursue him in accordance with the law. , and severely condemned this shameful act of absconding in fear of crime.

The statement stated that Zhou Ting openly stated that he would ignore the police’s bail conditions, his integrity was completely ruined, and he never seriously faced his suspected violations of law and order in an attempt to evade legal consequences. No matter what excuses she used or tried to deceive sympathy, she could not hide her hypocritical and shameful behavior and the nature of lawlessness.

The authorities emphasized that endangering national security is an extremely serious crime and will fight against it with all their strength and pursue it to the end. No fugitive should think that he can escape criminal responsibility by fleeing Hong Kong. Unless the fugitive surrenders, he will be hunted for life. He advises Zhou Ting to turn around, cooperate with the police, take responsibility for his actions, and reform, otherwise he will be trapped in the mud and regret it.

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