Sarah Abi Kanaan: I hope to act alongside Qusai Khouli

2023-05-31 16:30:11

The Lebanese actress Sarah Abi Kanaan embodies the role of “Tima” in the series “The Price”, in which a group of actors from Lebanon and Syria participated, such as Basil Khayyat, Rafik Ali Ahmed, Razan Jamal, and others.

And the character of “Tima” was “new and distinctive,” according to what the actress said during an interview with “Al Arabiya Net,” noting that she was living the events in the series every day.

And she added, “The most beautiful of all this is that the role was surprising and unexpected for me, because the script had not been written before, and this matter posed a challenge for me.”

She touched on her cooperation with Basil Khayyat, describing him as a “clever and diligent actor, because he lives the character in its small and large details, and performs his role correctly.”

And she said, “Zayn (which is the name of Basil Khayyat in the series) as soon as he arrived at the filming location, he would have reincarnated and lived the role completely, in all its details, in a sincere and real manner.”

In parallel, she revealed that she had followed the series “Fire by Fire” and “Safar Berlak”, expressing her great admiration for the character of the Syrian actress Karis Bashar (the role of Maryam in the first series).

She explained, “Caris embodied her role professionally, and wrote a comment on Twitter, praising Maryam’s role, because she seemed realistic, transparent and honest, and the way she walked and moved her legs in the series was remarkable.”

And Abi Kanaan, who stood in front of many actors during her artistic career, stressed that there is more than one actor who wishes to stand alongside him one day in a joint Syrian-Lebanese drama, noting that the actor Qusai Khouli is one of them.

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