Sasha: Dumdidadeldei – that’s why the pop singer publishes a medieval song

“Merchant & Maid”
Dumdidadeldei: That’s why Sasha publishes a medieval song

Sasha in the video for his song “Kaufmann & Maid”

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A change of musical direction or a one-off experiment? Pop singer Sasha has released a medieval song. It has a curious history.

Many fans of pop singer Sasha will have rubbed their eyes in amazement while watching his new video. At the beginning, the 48-year-old comes out of the shower with his head covered, and a flowing mat of hair appears under his towel. While the musician slips into old-fashioned clothes, the song begins with an unusual medieval sound.

A lettering announces the singer as “Sasha the Bard”. He brought a lot of reinforcements with him for his attempt: With Subway To Sally, Saltatio Mortis, dArtagnan, Feuerschwanz, Tanzwut and Patty Gurdy, he engaged numerous greats of medieval rock who supported him on his first attempt in this genre.

“Kaufmann & Maid” is the title of the song, the lyrics are full of clichés typical of the genre: It’s about a “noble merchant” named Didеldei, who comes to a place called Dummdidadeldei. There he meets a young woman named Dummdidudel, “a woman so lovely and good” as the song says. Both drink mead together, fall in love – and finally get married.

Sasha with e-scooter and cow horn

In the video, Sasha walks through a big city in a medieval outfit, in between he speeds through the streets on an e-scooter, then he drinks beer from a cow horn.

Quite a nonsense the whole thing. But fans of his pleasing pop songs don’t have to worry: The excursion into the world of medieval rock will probably remain a unique one. Because it has a special history. The piece was written by Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who won Sasha for a number on his show “Late Night Berlin”.

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf wrote the song

He wrote especially bad songs for Sasha, which were then presented to a test audience in a bogus market research. The test subjects reacted quite disturbed to Sasha’s musical experiments.

But one cannot deny that “Kaufmann & Maid” has a certain catchiness. Together with some of the most famous medieval rockers, Sasha has now brought this song to a length of just under four minutes and officially released it as a single.

The video already has more than 100,000 views after the first day and could be a surprising success. Alleluia. Or as Sasha would say: Dumdidadeldei.


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