Saturday January 20, 2024: Dollar Price and Exchange Rate in Mexico for Travelers to the United States

2024-01-20 14:52:23

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The United States is one of the destinations with the most demand by the traveling community and if today or throughout this weekend you will head to this nation, we will share with you what the price of the dollar today Saturday January 20, 2024 and we will mention the exchange rate that you will find in the main banks in Mexico so that you can identify where it is best for you to exchange your Mexican money for dollars.

Throughout 2023, the dollar price It turned out to be beneficial for Mexicans because it had reached low figures after several years in what was above 20 pesos. Is it still cheap for this Saturday, January 20? Below, we leave you all the details about the exchange rate so you can enjoy a great trip through the United States.

What is the price of the dollar for this Saturday, January 20, 2024?

For this one Saturday January 20he price of the interbank dollar is 17.09 pesos, as published by Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), which means that the Mexican peso tried to maintain stability and fell only a few cents, so we recommend that you exchange your money for dollars as soon as possible before it starts to rise.

For his part, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) indicated that the national currency showed notable declines against the dollar since, during the previous week, the US currency showed constant changes with important recoveries, and the peso is falling this week, despite the fact that it had had a good day since a few days ago, information that indicates obtaining a lower return for those who have travel plans to the US on this date when exchanging currencies.

What is the dollar exchange rate in each bank on January 20, 2024?

For their part, the banks that give a better exchange rate this Friday are BBVA, Banorte and Banamex. In the case of the first, they sell the dollar at 16.30 pesos, while the other two at 16:00 and 16.59 pesos, respectively. The most expensive is Inbursa, who offers each dollar at 18.00 pesos.

It is important to verify the precio offered by the different banking institutions in the country before exchanging your currencies since the price of the dollar changes from one moment to the next and it is recommended to verify the costs published in each of them.

In the same way, it is vital that you verify this issue at international airports in Mexico such as Mexico City International Airport (AICM) or the Cancun Airportwhere you will find several exchange houses options to do this process before boarding your flights.

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