Saudi Arabia.. Awad Al-Qarni’s son explains to CNN why he left the kingdom and what he intends to do to defend his father

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Nasser, the son of the Saudi Islamic preacher, Awad Al-Qarni, explained what he intends to do after leaving the kingdom to defend his father, who has been detained by the authorities since 2017.

Al-Qarni said in an exclusive telephone interview with CNN in Arabic: “I was investigated more than once because of the talk about the father’s arrest, as you are being investigated because of the opinion that differs from the prevailing opinion of the government, and I was summoned more than once to investigate the father before I left the Kingdom.” saying.

And about what he intends to do after leaving Saudi Arabia, Nasser said: “We want to rely on the frameworks that there were violations against the father according to the Saudi system and also according to the United Nations system, to demand the execution of (a person) for a different opinion, this was not brought by anyone in the entire world. .”

He added, “We will rely on the laws of the United Nations and the active governments in the region to try to stop the human rights violations that exist in our country.”

CNN in Arabic contacted the Saudi authorities for comment without a response at the time of writing this report.

In response to a question if he had fears that the step he had taken out of the Kingdom might reflect negatively on him, Nasser Al-Qarni said: “There is a permanent possibility,” adding: “We will do what we can do, we cannot just wait in silence like this.”

Al-Qarni claimed, “The trials lack the minimum elements of litigation.. neither confidentiality nor information.. Even the accused is not informed of the session except hours or a day before it at the maximum level.. the judiciary is not independent and the prosecution demands high penalties for nothing.”

Regarding his father’s health condition, Nasser said: “He has been in solitary confinement since September 9, 2017, we visit him once and see his health condition is low and again high… The last visit was the same after losing a huge amount of weight… Every week he gets tired and there is Some reviews in the hospital,” noting that the last time he saw his father was about 4 months ago.

Al-Qarni sent a message to the Saudi government, in which he said: “I have exhausted all my efforts while I am inside the Kingdom to communicate with them and try to lift the injustice against the father, and they know this,” calling for “the release of all prisoners of conscience,” as he put it.

Nasser Al-Qarni, who is calling for the Saudi prosecution to execute his father, had published a video clip, at the beginning of October, in which he announced his escape outside the Kingdom and his arrival to a “safe place” to defend his father and detainees in his country, as he described it.

He also spoke in another video, which he posted on his Twitter account, which he launched this month, about what he called the full story of what happened to his father on the night of his arrest.

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