Saudi Arabia.. Interaction on the “features” of Rajwa Al-Saif, the Crown Prince of Jordan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated pictures of Saudi Arabia, Rajwa Al-Saif, during the engagement of Jordan’s Crown Prince, Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II.

Activists highlighted the features of the Al-Saif family, where the Saudi singer, Yahya Balharith, posted a picture of her with a comment in which he said: “After the appearance of Princess Rajwa bint Khalid Al-Saif, the wife of the Jordanian Crown Prince, Jordan, with her natural Saudi features, I expect that the girls of the last time will retreat from the blowing operations, silicone, and .. We need such awareness of some backward women.”

New pictures of the engagement ceremony appeared, published by the Royal Hashemite Court, in a video of the weekly summary of King Abdullah II’s activities, where a number of princes appear alongside the Jordanian monarch and his uncle, Hassan bin Talal, with Rajwa Al Saif at the engagement ceremony.

Activists had shown video clips of the motorcade of the Crown Prince of Jordan, Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah and the Hashemite family of the Saudi sermon, Rajwa Al Seif, and the circulating video shows the arrival of the motorcade carrying the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah bin Al Hussein, his uncle Prince Hassan bin Talal and a number of princes.

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