Saudi Arabia’s lackluster draw, 27 days after the debut against the Argentine National Team

In the list of referees prepared by FIFA for the Qatar World Cup 2022 two representatives of Argentine soccer appear, Facundo Tello and Fernando Rapallini, who will have their absolute debut in that class of tournaments. Also, Mauro Vigliano It will be in the VAR.

Tello, from Bahia, an international since 2019, was part of the VAR arbitration team at the Copa América Brazil 2021, while Rapallini, from Platense, who led the Copa América 2019, has significant experience at Euro 2020 where he led, among other matches. , the round of 16 between France and Switzerland.

Along with them appear as assistants Juan Pablo Belatti, Diego Bonfá, Ezequiel Brailovsky and Gabriel Chade. It should be remembered that Horacio Elizondo and Néstor Pitana directed the finals of the World Cups in Germany 2006 and Russia 2018, respectively.

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