“Save your family from loss.” The Ministry of Health warns against buying this type of tomato..they contain poison

When you buy tomatoes, you must make sure that they are edible, and there are some considerations that you must check when you grow any crop. Among these seeds are seeds, the farmer uses these seeds in cultivation, and tomatoes are one of the most important crops that are grown in Egypt and are used In cooking, it is used in almost all types of food. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture have warned against using a certain type of tomato, and this is what we will learn about in the following paragraphs.

All seeds and seeds used in cultivation must have been approved by the Special Department for the Inspection of Agricultural Products, and accordingly the Ministry of Agriculture has warned that there is a type of tomato under the name 025; Where the violating company imports a type of tomato seed from an Arab country, then the product is counterfeited and another sticker bearing the name Tomato 025 is pasted. Several special decisions have been issued in this regard, including monitoring the different orchards and warning farmers against using this type so as not to be subject to legal accountability.

The color of the tomato has many indications that you should know before you buy it, as the color of the tomato is not limited to determining its taste, but also indicates the extent of the ripeness of the fruit; And you should not buy unripe green tomatoes, as they contain the harmful substance “solanine”, which leads to a feeling of burning in the throat, nausea and stomach pain, and if the percentage increases significantly, it can become a lethal substance, according to the research that has been done on this subject.

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