Scandal in Schaerbeek: an alderwoman files a complaint against an alderman for indecent assault

The Schaerbeek alderwoman for Culture, Gender Equality and Opportunities, Sihame Haddioui (Ecolo), filed a complaint on Monday for acts of sexism and indecent assault through her lawyer against another alderman of the municipality , Michel De Herde (Défi), meanwhile in charge of Education, Crèches, Extracurricular and Budget, reported Thursday on his website the newspaper Le Soir. The agent amarante denies the facts.

Sihame Haddioui (Ecolo) had filed, in February, a first internal report with the acting mayor Cécile Jodogne, who belongs to the same party as Michel De Herde. The mayeur met with the complainant as well as the alderman Défi as a result of this complaint. She then made the decision, by way of “precautionary measure“, and at the request of Sihame Haddioui, to move the seats of the two local elected officials so that they are no longer seated side by side during municipal councils and College meetings.

Michel De Herde confirmed to Le Soir newspaper that he had been heard by the mayor about the case. However, he denies all the acts attributed to him. Made aware of the filing of a criminal complaint, he affirms that “this case will not stop there“, and claims to have already taken care to consult a lawyer.

The episode has significantly affected the political work of Alderman Ecolo, who indicates that he has not participated in meetings of the Municipal College since March 7. She even raises doubts about her desire to continue her political commitment within the municipality, once the legislature is over, reports Le Soir again.

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