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School strike: FFP2 masks, additional contractors … Blanquer’s response to the anger of teachers

“An extremely nourished working meeting”. After a day of strike by teachers and staff of National Education, Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, Prime Minister Jean Castex and Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, received the teachers’ unions (and parents of pupils) this Thursday evening, when 78,000 people demonstrated today against anti-Covid measures at school.

At the end of this interview, the minister assured to have “understood the ins and outs of this strong mobilization”. He thus announced the distribution of five million FFP2 masks, of higher protection than surgical masks, for the school system, in particular for those who work with children without a mask in kindergarten. The Minister who also recalls that the local authorities, competent in the matter, can apply for the fund set up by the State to obtain “CO2 sensors”.

A material measure which is accompanied by human resources with the recruitment of 3,300 additional contract workers. “It is true that the Covid created absences of teachers and administrative staff and that these replacements must be provided”, he admitted.

Postponed CP evaluations

It thus provides for the use of complementary lists, that is to say “of people who are on competitive lists and who thus enter the function, in particular at primary school”. Educational assistants and administrative support staff to support school directors “who need this support”. Details of the deployment of these new agents are expected in the coming days.

Finally, Jean-Michel Blanquer promised relief in terms of assessment and exams. Mid-CP reviews that were due to start next week are being postponed “because it wouldn’t be a good thing to keep them going for next week.” They are postponed within a time limit which remains to be defined ”. “There were expectations for these evaluations which make it possible to see where the students are, in the middle of the school year, in terms of fundamental knowledge in French and mathematics”, recalled the Minister of National Education.

Among older children, while high school students had to pass the first specialty teaching tests of the baccalaureate, of the new reform, in March, they could be postponed. “The day-to-day is not easy now, high school students may have been absent due to illness. We are going to do an analysis with the representative organizations to see if it is appropriate to have a postponement of these two events from March to June ”, he concluded, asking for the“ return of a climate of confidence ”.

Nearly 78,000 people (77,500), teachers and other national education personnel demonstrated this Thursday, including 8,200 in Paris, to protest against the waltz of health protocols linked to Covid-19, according to the ministry of ‘Interior. The ministry recorded 136 actions across the country during this widely followed day of strike, which received the support of parents’ associations.

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