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In the UK the news has spread like wildfire or “shot” in the body.

It is a new gin, which has its creators and those who like high-potency distillates excited, especially when December approaches, and it is about to say goodbye to an indolent 2020 with a large part of the world.

Gin Anno Extreme 95, already gives a numerical idea of ​​its power. 95% alcohol insured, as the direct effect it will cause on its consumers is certain.

Its creators are two British scientists, who a decade ago abandoned their laboratories and research to dedicate themselves to alcohol, not for purposes of battle against covid-19, but, in its recreational modality.

Furthermore, the company established in Kent (southeast England) is described as a “Developed by scientists with a taste for adventure and who push the limits of what is possible. Anno Extreme 95 Gin was produced with one goal in mind: to create ‘the spirit of alchemy’ ”.

It will be because the notes with which this powerful gin was created are botanical.

“Robust juniper (berries for gin) and mild spices” softened in a fresh bite of citrus with notes of sweet herbs “with a” long, dry and complex finish of “hints of warm licorice”, say its creators, who , it must be admitted, they make a really warm description for such a powerful drink in the body.

The gin that has been displaced by this new brand, Strane Ultra Uncut, which has the not inconsiderable 82% alcohol in its composition.

However, the scientists in charge of the new gin feel confident, from their expertise, of succeeding in the spirits market, in difficult times for humanity.

It is “A gin that has more flavor and flavor, drop by drop, than any other liquor in the world”, they assure with every premise.

The strongest alcohol in the world is in Poland

Although the British scientists, creators of the Anno Extreme 95 ″, are proud of their feat, another country has, by one percentage point of alcohol, the most powerful distillate in its class, according to Specialized media in the subject.

In Poland there is the Spirytus Vodka, made with 96% alcohol, which is not only used for social-recreational purposes, but also for other daily moments and even for medical purposes. The more measured prepare other intoxicating drinks with it, but the daring drink it pure.

The naked eye vignette gives the idea of ​​a popular drink. However, it is one of the most difficult to obtain, due to its high demand.

Vodka, banned in the US, within reach in Canada

Everclear, a cereal-based liquor, has 95% alcohol by volume. At one time it was banned in almost every state in the United States, due to its potency and possible adverse effects on consumers.

In the province of Alberta, in western Canada, this distillate is produced and sold regardless of the warnings in the North American neighbor.

With Everclear, people can prepare other alcoholic beverages, some dishes, light a fire, or as an antiseptic on the skin. That is, as a germicide that attacks invaders on the surface of the skin.

“Cocoroco” in Bolivia

South America is not without its high-potency spirits. Bolivia has its own in degrees of alcohol. 93% to be exact.

This is achieved in the distillate called Cocoroco, a drinkable sugar cane alcohol that is made by hand. That makes it dangerous to consume by those who are not used to such a distillate hit.

They even make and package it in aluminum jars, making it more complex to eat. However, it is popular with Bolivians who dare to defy logic or have addictions to this type of drink.

In Arica, two years ago, they found a lot of contraband with this and other alcoholic beverages. Some, among these the Cocoroco, came in presentation with a volume of 96%.

Smuggling has to do with its prohibition in Chile, since in this territory the degree of graduation allowed must not exceed 55%.

Sweden is also on the list of the strongest spirits in the world.

Their Cannabis vodka has 80% alcohol and often more than one consumer believes they find the effects of the plant in it.

Even with disappointment, in the European Union, where its sale and consumption is not prohibited, they warn that it should be consumed in moderation.


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