Sea of ​​Stars: Sabotage Studio delays game release to 2023

Scheduled for the end of the year, Sea of Stars is finally pushed back to next year, according to Sabotage Studio’s announcement on its social networks.

The Quebec studio confirms in its publication that the long-awaited RPG will miss its release window, which was originally scheduled for 2022. This decision aims to prioritize the well-being of its employees and to be able to offer a game of quality to the community.

“We understand this expectation is a big ask, and we sincerely want to thank our community for the tremendous support and good energies,” the statement read. Sabotage Studio will, however, try to offer a demo to players so that they can eat something while waiting for the full game to be released.

When the game was still in crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Sabotage had clarified that the studio would not rush the release of the game if it was not ready. “As always, the one thing we won’t compromise on is quality,” he wrote in the blog post at the time.

Recall that the retro RPG, which is inspired by classics of the 90s like Chrono Triggerwill be an ante-episode taking place in the universe of Messenger, the previous title of Sabotage Studio. The game is expected to release on Switch and PC. Other platforms may be announced in the near future.


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