“Seagull Brighton vs The Blues Manchester City: Premier League Battle 2023 Preview and Live Coverage”

2023-05-21 06:12:37

army “Seagull” Brighton Prepare to open the house to receive the visit of the army. “The Blues” Manchester City by both teams, how ready the players will be must be measured

The Premier League football battle on Thursday night, May 24, 2023 at 2:00 a.m. is considered a home battle. “The Seagull” Brighton still have to hope to win in order to continue to dabble in the European Cup As for the visiting team “The Blues” Manchester City Float now and be the Premier League champion. This season is complete.

Which in this game, how well the locals will do, must see For anyone who wants to watch this pair of games, we have a channel. Live broadcast : True Premier Football 1 , True Premier Football 2 Follow these channels to watch. In this work, which page will both works come out? Don’t miss out.

host “The Seagull” Brighton up and down form In addition, the team must continue to win as many victories as possible. In which the team has a path to win the league as a bet In this event, the team can win or must be measured in the game.

The players on the team, of course, that way Roberto De Serbi still have to use the door Jason Steel Being the first hand, the defender of the team would not miss using it. Lewis Dunk and Levi Colville Standing as the backbone for the team, with Perbis Estupignan Is a person who walks the game from defensive to attacking for the team

As for the game, the midfield should rely on the ability of Alexis McAllister Be the one who keeps forming the midfield game ready to help create attacking opportunities for the team as well as Moises Caiseido and Pascal Gross That can change the game in midfield as well

As for the front line, hopes will be given to Kaoru Mitoma and Julio Enciso that is ready to turbulence in the defensive game of competitors with Evan Ferguson Serves as a finisher for the team But good work can be done according to the wishes of the football fans or not to be measured. As for other players who are banned Or injuries within the team are as follows.

Banned players: No banned players

Injured body / out of right to enter the field

Goalkeeper : Robert Sanchez
Defender : Tariq Lamptey, Joel Veltman
Midfielder : Adam Lallana, Jeremy Sarmiento, Jakub Moder, Solly Marsh
Vanguard : do not have

host “The Blues” Manchester City brutal form In addition, it is already a floating Premier League champion at this time after rival Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest in the latest match. Make the score in time to be on the champion podium successfully And in this game, the team should be more likely to alternate with the main body.

If you measure partisan players in the team, of course, Pep Guardiola, the team’s coach, is still assigned. The first goalkeeper would be Ederson Moraes As usual, the defender will probably use Aymeric Laporte and Manuel Akanji stand asonedigits in the center panel by giving way Sergio Gomez Keep up the game, attack from back to front. Let the team be like before

As for the midfield game, the team should use Calvin Phillips is the main person in controlling the midfield panel to cut the game, with Ilkay Gundogan Waiting to be the one who stirs up the game for the team in this match. Riyad Mahrez able to come down to help change the rhythm of the team If the team wants more variety of offensive games

As for the forwards, they must rely on the sharpness of the three coordinates. Jack Grealish and Erling Haaland who are ready to hunt down the door of competitors There is also a good form of attackers who reserve seats like Julian Alvarez and Phil Foden who can change the appearance of the striker as well As for other players who are banned Or injuries within the team are as follows.

Banned players: Nobody got banned

Injured body / out of right to enter the field

Goalkeeper : do not have
Defender : Nathan Ake
Midfielder : do not have
Vanguard : do not have

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