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2023-09-21 08:07:23

Blue Potion Games (CEO Jae-mok Jeong) announced on the 21st that it will begin pre-registration for Season 3: Re-Birth, an authentic mobile MMORPG that it develops and services. Through the pre-registration event, all pre-registrants will receive a Season 3 pre-registration reward box, a Season 3 commemorative support box, Soul of Dimension, Maroon’s Recovery Order, Accessory Recovery Order Selection Box, Brilliant Enhancement Order Selection Box, 100 Million Gold Box, and Special Items that help with growth, such as unidentified monster tokens and special pet draw card boxes, are provided free of charge. The special attendance event held at the same time provides various items such as Soul Engraving Random Box II, GM Levina’s Gift Box, Special Pet Draw Card Box, Special Unidentified Monster Token, and an encyclopedia for creating the pet synthesis recovery item ‘Dimension Soul’. Events are also held. Along with pre-registration for Season 3, a character name preoccupation event for the new servers ‘Portus’ and ‘Nobisk’ will be held until October 23. To celebrate the opening of the new server, a ‘Growth Specialized Event’ that provides 1,000% experience points from level 1 to level 95 to boost the level of new server users, and a +9 hero rating along with a season 3 new user support item box for 14 days An ‘Attendance Event’ will be held where you can obtain enhanced weapons and +7 enhanced armor. In addition, you can obtain hero-grade pets through bag expansion tickets, legendary pet summon order selection boxes, and hero pet card challenge boxes. In the new server-only store, you can purchase +9 Great Adventurer’s Weapon Box and +7 Great Adventurer’s Armor. You can obtain special products such as boxes, various accessory recipes, relics, and advanced pet draw boxes. Detailed information can be found on the ‘Eos Red’ official website (

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