Secret Love Revealed: Tom Holland Opens Up About Relationship with Zendaya

2023-07-15 03:06:49


Tom Holland finally opened up about the relationship between his love story and Zendaya to the public. In several interviews on the podcast, the Spider-Man star also spoke about it.

“My relationship with her (Zendaya) is the thing that I care about the most,” said Tom Holland when interviewed by Jay Shetty on his podcast, as reported by various sources.

He admits that he does not want to talk about his relationship with Zendaya to the public. “I’m not talking about it at all,” he insisted.



“I try my best to keep it a secret, we are both very sure of it,” continued Tom Holland again.

Previously, at the end of last year there were rumors of the engagement between Tom Holland and Zendaya. According to YourTango, currently Tom Holland and Zendaya have not confirmed their plans to get married.

However, a source said the relationship between the two is now more serious. Even Tom Holland and Zendaya’s engagement rumors have now been circulating on social media.

Sources say that currently Tom Holland and Zendaya are living together. The source told Us Weekly that Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship is getting serious and permanent.

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