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The most prominent secrets of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Saturday May 21, 2022

• A parliamentary source said that if no nominations for the position of Speaker of the Council were registered during the first session in protest of the sectarian stances hostile to the duo of the Amal Movement and Hezbollah, then this means disrupting the election of the Vice President and the heads of the committees, and consequently the stagnation of the new House of Representatives and with it all constitutional and legislative entitlements.
• Electoral statistical sources confirm that a remarkable vote representing blocks organized with thousands of votes was registered in expatriate boxes to drop candidates and enhance the status of others, especially in the districts of Bekaa 3, South 3, North 3, Chouf, Aley, Tripoli and West Bekaa, and that most of these blocks were from the funds of the Gulf states.

It was reported that Energy Minister Walid Fayyad’s comment, in response to Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s speech, came after he received a phone call from a political party.
• A candidate who was unsuccessful in the last elections said that he felt bitterness and betrayal because all the votes he had promised evaporated during the day of the elections without any clarification or explanation.
• Contacts intensified, away from the spotlight, between some new MPs, including independents, changers, and parliamentary blocs to coordinate on the election of a speaker for the council and the next stage.
• It was reported that prominent candidates winning in Beirut with a small percentage of the vote might cut off their path to prime minister.

Major General
• A great reference decided to manage his battle file himself, asking not to enter the line of comments or arguments!
By virtue of what is certain, a political current that has regained some of its parliamentary presence has forcefully lost the choice of appointments it was seeking.
• Assessments differed regarding the first appearances of the new deputies, as well as the affiliations revealed by local clubs with international ties.

• Diplomatic references expressed their appreciation for the performance of the military and security institutions during the parliamentary elections, which was indicated by the regional and international monitoring committees.
• Some supermarkets retracted the decision to reduce the percentage of paying the bill through the bank card when a number of customers were lost, and returned to adopting 50 percent in cash and 50 percent via the card.
• A prominent current is preparing for a retreat in which it addresses specific points to address and correct the gaps that have marred its performance in the elections.

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