Security Council meeting postponed, China blames Israel for Iranian attack – World

An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council called after Iran’s attack on Israel was adjourned after formalities. China blamed Israel for the Iranian attack. The Security Council will further discuss the Israel-Iran conflict later.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, addressing the emergency meeting of the Security Council, said that the Middle East is on the brink of disaster, the region is facing the threat of a catastrophic war, the time has come for less tension and greater restraint. be demonstrated.

António Guterres added that the use of force against the territorial integrity of any state is prohibited.

He said that ceasefire in Gaza, unconditional release of hostages and provision of aid is a common responsibility of all.

During the meeting, US Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Robert Wood called for the Security Council to stop attacks by Iran and its partners, as well as condemn Iran’s aggressive actions.

He said that if Iran or its agents act against the US or Israel, Iran will be held responsible, while the US will take further steps to hold Iran accountable in the future at the United Nations.