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Referring to European elections he pointed out that “they have characteristics that other European elections did not have” arguing that citizens mistakenly do not consider them so critical.

As he said, the first element of this election is that “these elections are not related to parliamentary elections” and the second oti “there is a big polling difference in the last parliamentary elections”.

Regarding what the government expects from the European elections and whether a connection should be made with the parliamentary elections, the Minister of State stated that “we cannot compare parliamentary elections with European elections. If we want to compare something, it is European elections with European elections” and stressed that what the government should see is “first, whether there is a change in political associations and whether a new landscape is being formed in relation to the parliamentary elections, and also whether there is another landscape to see the difference between the first and second party. What will the second party be? What is the relationship of the second to the third party. If there are forces that take a head.”

For the crime in A.T of Aghii Anargyri

Regarding the murder of the 28-year-old Kyriaki outside the Agioi Anargyro motorway, Mr. Voridis said that the government’s priority is security, dealing with lawlessness, dealing with crime. However, as he said “there are times when we will be something less than what we would like to be.”

As he pointed out “security gaps exist even in very highly guarded areas and points in many countries”.

According to Mr. Voridis, this particular murder may have given the impression that something is not working in the state apparatus, however, this is primarily unfair to the police and their daily work.

For the wiretapping and Nikos Androulakis

Asked if the decision of the CoE is a defeat for the government, Mr. Voridis stated that it is not since as he said “we had changed the arrangement ourselves” reminding that the provision of 2021 was voted by PASOK.

Chrysochoidis: “We have 30-40 cases of domestic violence per day”

SYRIZA vs PASOK: The fight for second place “is heating up”.

Mitsotakis: A vote for ND means yes to stability

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