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The from where a mischievous monkey from the zoo appears, located in is giving what to talk about . And it is not for less, because the recording shows how the little animal reacted, after seeing a magic trick that a curious visitor did.

through your account ()the user identified as Maximilian Ibarra shared a funny story starring a primate, who is in the Chapultepec Zoo (Mexico City).

The strange reaction of a monkey

It all started when the charismatic animal received a visit from a magician. After gaining the mammal’s attention through the exhibit’s glass window, the man showed him a dry leaf that then “disappeared” him.

Before this magic trick, the monkey was really surprised. He even covered his eyes and even started to spin around. The touching scene was immortalized in a clip uploaded by Maximiliano Ibarra.

Monkey video is trending on TikTok

Since its publication, the video of @pedro14mx reached 11 million views within the Asian platform. Also, netizens wrote comments like “I can already imagine the little monkey telling another that a leaf disappeared”; “it seems that he is looking for someone to tell him”; “It seems that he turns around looking for someone else to come and support the story”among others.

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