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Seibu, 2017 Dora 1 General Saito, including 6 players, Shoya Makino, who participated in 11 games this season | Full-Count

by archyde

Notice to 6 people that they will not sign a contract for next season

Seibu notified on April 4 that he would not sign a contract for the next season, including Shoya Makino, a training player pitcher Daito Saito, pitcher Kobashi Awazu, Sho Ito, Eternal Uema, and Toshihiro Dei. It was announced.

Dai Saito joined Seibu from Meidai in the first draft in 2017. He pitched in 16 games to rookie ears, but then decreased. In May 2021, he underwent Tommy John’s surgery on his left elbow and returned to the actual battle this season, but he threw 15 games in the Eastern League, one win, 4 losses and 2 saves, and the ERA 9.56.

Makino, who joined from Yugakukan High School in the 5th draft in 2018, made his first army debut this season and participated in 11 games, but was out of the plan next season. Ito, who joined the third place in the draft in 2017, pitched in 16 games in 2018 and marked three wins, but had Tommy John surgery last October.

The comments announced by each player through the team are as follows.

・ Shoya Makino catcher
“The best memory is the first hit, and it was a Rakuten match on April 6th, which was the first hit. I hit it from Kishi pitcher. I was nervous the day before, but I feel like I will do it on the day. I remember it has become stronger. The future is undecided. Thank you for your support so far. “

・ Pitcher General Saito
“Looking back on the past, I’m sorry that I couldn’t meet the expectations of the fans, and I’m sorry. I couldn’t get the results and I was painful. I think you can now throw the ball. The future is undecided. “

・ Pitcher Kobashi Awazu
“The most impressive is the first pitch, but the regrets after joining a professional is greater. It was really hard to be able to throw it in the game. I was able to throw it in the game in July this year, and I felt the pressure that I had to get results. It is undecided in the future, but I received a support message from the fans during the rehabilitation. Thank you so far.

・ Sho Ito pitcher
“The biggest memory of joining a professional is that we couldn’t participate in beer for the second consecutive year in 2018 and 2019. It is undecided in the future, but we are still in rehabilitation, and first of all, the elbow condition is thorough. I have been taken care of by various people so far. Even after the postoperative training contract, I have been working hard for a year thanks to the warm message from many people. Thank you for gratitude. There is none”

・ Uenma Eternal pitcher comment
“I don’t usually get nervous, but I was nervous as I had never experienced before, when I started the first start (Rakuten on April 8, 2021). I don’t think you’ll forget it in the future. I couldn’t throw much in the first army, but thank you for your support from each fans for each farm. It is undecided in the future. “

・ Toshihiro Dei Comments
“Director West Exit Farm, who used it until the end, the director of Matsui 2 army at the time, who started the opening round of the Eastern League last year, and everyone who had been involved in my baseball life. I was unknown when I was a student, so I never thought I could be a professional baseball player. For three years, my fans have been very helpful. Thank you for your support. It is undecided in the future. “

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