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Senate passed reform of the gun control law

Unanimously: Senate passed reform of the gun control law

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Unanimously: Senate passed reform of the gun control law

The Senate approved and dispatched for enactment the reform to the Arms Law. The Chamber unanimously supported the report of the Mixed Commission, which had just been approved in the Chamber of Deputies with 102 votes in favor, 18 against and 7 abstentions.

Among its various modifications, The project establishes that now it will be considered as a firearm that which has a barrel and shoots

In addition, the State will be responsible for regulating them regardless of whether they are designed to fire or can be adapted for that purpose, in addition to being in control of all the facilities for the manufacture, armament, testing, repair, sport, storage or deposit of weapons. . This seeks to regulate the arrival of blank or fantasy weapons that are modified to be lethal in our country.

Unanimously: Senate passed reform of the gun control law



It also incorporates a record of Ballistic DNA, whose mission is to identify the weapon from which a bullet has been fired. On the other hand, it enables the police to intercept communications, make controlled deliveries or use undercover agents in weapons-related investigations.

Likewise, it allows the PDI to carry out control tasks in the matter, which was the sole power of Police and Armed Forces.

The norm entails an increase in penalties. The unauthorized sale of ammunition will become crimes and the delivery of weapons to minors will increase from 541 days to 5 years in prison. It is also typified the crime of adulteration, alteration or destruction of the weapons traceability system.

Finally, the text adds greater requirements for those who want to acquire a weapon legally. In addition to the requirement of a certificate from a psychiatrist, the compulsory nature of a course on maintenance and handling of weapons will be added.

The number of weapons that a person can have is also limited to 10 if they are functional, threshold that goes up to 50 if they are disabled.

After the vote, the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, highlighted that “one of the great changes is to update the prohibited artifacts, which is not only the conventional weapon, which is at the center of this law, designed for registered weapons, from new implements, new techniques and power, to acquire weapons with designs that did not exist before. “

“I am referring to modified weapons, blank, fantasy weapons, which with very little money are left with lethal firepower. This law contemplates it, as well as 3D printing weapons that are incipiently, but are seeing, in police operations, “he added.

“The same with regard to traceability, this law has ballistic DNA, each weapon that enters Chile will have a kind of fingerprint which will allow, in the future, to establish who it belongs to”, sentenced.

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