Senegazelle Fundraiser: Oyster Tasting Event in Saint-Anthème

2023-12-11 04:00:00

Saint-Anthème. The Gazelles of Ance are getting ready. The Les Gazelles d’Ance association will offer a new oyster tasting, Sunday December 17, from 9 a.m. This event will raise funds to finance the purchase of school supplies which will be sent during the next Senegazelle.

The Gazelles d’Ance are ten women, nine of whom will fly to Senegal from February 24 to March 3, to participate in the Senegazelle. A 100% female event that combines running and humanitarian action for children.

Five steps

Each gazelle will bring around 40 kg of school supplies in their suitcases. Each day, the participants will complete around ten kilometers of running. They will hand-deliver school supplies sent from France upon their arrival in Senegalese schools.

The five stages will take place in the Foundioune region, 200 km south of Dakar. This concrete help will allow children to work in better conditions and make the action of Senegalese teachers more effective.

The Gazelles d’Ance have already collected 50 kilos of school supplies. Profits from the sale of oysters and other actions carried out since the creation of the association will make it possible to purchase the 400 kg of missing supplies. The association also benefited from the support of numerous companies and associations from Livradois Forez.

See you on Sunday December 17, from 9 a.m., Place de l’Aubépin in Saint-Anthème.

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