Sennheiser hits hard with CX Plus True Wireless headphones

Sold for € 159.9 in stores, the new headphones from Sennheiser are a steal. Explanations.

When we decide to buy new headphones, we now tend to be tempted by the new Airpods, the new headphones from Samsung, OnePlus or Huawei. In reality, however, if smartphone manufacturers have seized this market, their products are far from the most qualitative. And for good reason since it is not their specialty!

Sennheiser was late entering the Bluetooth headset market. However, its Momentum True Wireless have established themselves among the best products on the market. With its new CX Plus True Wireless, the German audio specialist strikes even harder. It offers a product of exceptional quality at an unbeatable price.

At € 159.9, its headphones are priced almost twice as low as most of its competitors. This is the first time that the props manufacturer has offered active noise canceling headphones at such a low price. It also offers a version without said function, at 129 €, the CX True Wireless. Until now, it was necessary to count a minimum budget of 300 € for this function at the manufacturer.

The CX Plus True Wireless have practically all the features of Apple’s Airpods Pro, charged € 279 on the manufacturer’s website. With the exception of one item: wireless charging. The small charging box is in fact recharged exclusively using a cable. And that’s the only concession Sennheiser has made …

The CX Plus True Wireless come with full options: IPX4 resistance to water splashes, transparency mode for safe walking in the city, touch controls, and personalization of the experience via the app. However, it is in terms of sound quality that they stand out. Partly due to the fact that they use the aptX Adaptive codec, which we are not used to seeing in this range of price. This modulates the sound flow for foolproof stability. Thanks to it, the sound will remain fluid even at ten meters from the sound source. The sound rendering is exceptional with deep bass, crystal clear vocals, and an almost perfect rendering. Sound insulation is also excellent, although it is not configurable. Even in the metro we hardly hear any noise around us. Side microphones, it also works very well. The sound is clear, the voice is not “robotic” and even in a noisy environment, your correspondent will hear your voice very clearly.

Autonomy level too, difficult to find anything to complain about. The CX Plus last up to 24 hours with their case, 8 hours without. With noise reduction activated, the autonomy drops to 6 hours, which remains very respectable. Many ANC headphones do not pass the 3 or 4 hour mark of battery life.

The only real flaw that we have found in them is ultimately their design. The CX Plus case is unnecessarily thick and massive. The almost square-shaped headphones adopt a design that is also sorely lacking in personality. They are also quite thick and therefore may not be suitable for all ears. On the other hand, they are surprisingly comfortable in use. Even after 4 hours of use, you hardly feel them. Sennheiser has also chosen to distinguish its CX models from its premium models in terms of the materials used. Here it will be necessary to be satisfied with a simple rather cheap plastic, which does not really give an impression of solidity. Clearly, there is still some way to go at this level. However, given the price at which the CX and CX Plus are offered, it is difficult not to recommend them to you. Sound quality level, we are several notches above all that is done in this price range. Certainly a great deal for lovers of good sound.

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