September 18, 2013: The literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki succumbs to cancer at the age of 93

2023-09-17 22:57:35

On Monday, September 18th, the book of history records, among other things:

1683: Turkish siege: Duke Charles V of Lorraine (with the imperial army and the imperial troops) and King John III. Sobieski (with his Polish units) set off in pursuit of the Turks.
1793: Laying the cornerstone for the construction of the Capitol by President George Washington.
1848: “Mob uprising” in Frankfurt, which is suppressed by Austrian and Prussian troops.
1973: The Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR are admitted to the United Nations together with the Bahamas.
2003: In a by-election, the British Labor Party loses the London constituency of Brent East, until then one of its safest strongholds, to the Liberal Democrats.
2013: The literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki succumbs to cancer at the age of 93. Born in Poland, he achieved enormous popularity in the German-speaking world through the literary program “The Literary Quartet”.
2018: Surprisingly at this point, Christian Kern declares his withdrawal from the SPÖ leadership. Only a week before, the former chancellor had been proposed by his party’s committees as a candidate for party leadership. He has now announced that he will seek the top candidacy of the European Social Democrats in the EU elections.

Birthdays: Trajan, Roman Emperor (53-117); Julius Hirschberg, German doctor (1843-1925); Paul Vialar, French writer (1898-1996); Mark Shuttleworth, South African Entrepreneur, 2nd space tourist (1973).
Days of death: Leonhard Euler, Switzerland. mathematician (1707-1783); Olaf Gulbransson, Norwegian painter and draftsman (1873-1958); Mary Wigman, German dancer (1886-1973); Rudolf Nebel, German rocket scientist (1894-1978); Friedrich Heer, Eastern writer/historian (1916-1983); Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Polish-German literary critic (1920-2013); Mauricio Kagel, Argent. composer (1931-2008); Hans Landesmann, Eastern. music manager (1932-2013); Ken Norton, US boxer (1943-2013).
Name days: Lambert, Reinfried, Josef, Rechard, Titus, Landpert, Richardis, Thomas, Corona, Balthasar, Irene.

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