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Serial killers, communists, and epic battles: six history books not to get bored in quarantine


Confinement measures to contain the number of people affected by the coronavirus have arrived, unfortunately or fortunately, just on the eve of the novelties of spring books, one of the most exciting moments in the Spanish market and when the authors were preparing their best tricks for the Madrid fair. There are history books for all tastes and for all periods. From the American Civil War to the surreal months of negotiations between Franco and Hitler that “did not shake the world,” there is no excuse for not reading.

Gettysburg by Allen C. Guelzo

Desperta Ferro, an editorial that was born as a magazine dedicated to military history, searches every year on the international market for some of the best specialized titles and publishes and translates them into Spanish. His latest find, his jewel, is Gettysburg, a detailed account of the battle that marked the end of the American Civil War. Hand in hand Allen C. Guelzo, a world expert in the conflict, the pages of Gettysburg unfold on the reader the horrors lived during the three days that General Robert E. Lee desperately tried to prolong a war that was already languishing.

A work aimed at both scholars of the conflict and those not initiated at the political crossroads in North America. C. Guelzo stops at the faces, images and sounds of a typical combat of the 19th century. Also in geopolitical questions, in tactics, in the operation of weapons and in the memory of the soldiers who captured throughout their lives what happened in this town in Pennsylvania. The level of detail is so high, without there being a single paper or testimony about the contest that has not passed through the hands of this historian, which at times seems like the narration of a completely unknown battle.

-Price: € 29.95

-Editorial: Desperta Ferro.

-N.º Pages: 776

Sons of Cain by Peter Vronsky
Before the term “serial killers” was coined there were only “monsters,” heinous criminals and sadists who were viewed as werewolves, vampires, demons, or, later, psychopaths. Then they were named and studied in depth … In «Children of Cain. A history of serial killers ”, Peter Vronsky analyzes the history of these criminals from the very origin of humanity until their serial murders increased dramatically in the late twentieth century with the appearance of the mass media.

From Prehistory to the present day, Vronsky, an expert historian in criminalistics, seeks an explanation through anthropology to the raison d’être of serial murder in the arc of human history, delving into both the psyche of the perpetrators and the parameters Historical, mythical, and cultural in determining the nature of the murder, Peter Vronsky focuses on serial killings including acts of rape, torture, mutilation, cannibalism, or necrophilia, ranging from scrutiny from Jack The Ripper to Ted Bundy. An attempt to bring coherence to what apparently does not make a drop of meaning.

-Price: € 22.90

-Editorial: Ariel.

-N.º Pages: 520

Crisis by Jared Diamond
Although it has been on the market for several months, the latest work by Jared Diamond, which culminates his particular trilogy on civilization. It is so timely due to the current situation, perhaps the greatest crisis experienced in Western Europe since the Second World War, that it is worth reading. After “In Arms, Germs and Steel” and in “Collapse”, this geographer with a multidisciplinary vision revolutionized the traditional vision of the rise and fall of civilizations, now the author delves into “Crisis. How countries react at decisive moments »in the way in which different peoples have faced situations that challenged their own existence.

A comparative study of how six countries have survived decisive crises in their recent history through a hard process of self-evaluation and transformation. Diamond identifies patterns in overcoming adversity and, turning his gaze to the future, argues that perhaps the world is wasting its resources and embarking on a journey of political conflict and decline.

-Price: € 23.90

-Editorial: Debate.

-N.º Pages: 500.

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“The temptation of the leader”, by Eslava Galán
In his new book, “The Temptation of the Chief” (Planeta, 2020), Juan Eslava Galán fictionalizes with fine humor and a documentation of the nine months that “they did not shake the world”. Or what is the same, the months in which Hitler’s Germany and Franco’s Spain played cat and mouse in failed negotiations where the Spanish failed to commit to the Axis and, consequently, the regime was saved .

Around that cheap tangle parade, from the Slavic pen, a whole court of crazy characters. From those Falangists who rushed to Berlin at the promise of fine brothels, and with everything included, to that Brother Justo Pérez de Urbel, first abbot of the Valle de los Caídos monastery, «a puffin-looking mouse, enteco, bald, nervous »Who was entrusted with the task of connecting the Franco dynasty with that of« the judges of the Bible », at least. Because it is just this ability to draw a hilarious portrait even in the dark corners of the past that makes Slavic a genre in itself. Humor without leaving the historical plane, nor losing the pulse of the historiographical news about the period.

-Price: € 23.90

-Editorial: Planeta.

-N.º Pages: 800.

“The Katyn Massacre” by Thomas Urban
Although eighty years have passed, what happened in the Katyn forests is still a completely unsolved murder. The massacre of 22,000 Polish officials and officials in this forest and in other territories of the Soviet Union was one of the most terrifying war crimes of the 20th century. Thomas Urban, German historian and correspondent, publishes in Spain with the Sphere of the Books his investigation of what was one of the greatest crimes of Stalin, who tried hard to hide and, in any case, blame the Nazis for beheading his head bureaucratic and military of Poland. The attempt to mass murder a whole state.

Fifty years after the event, the Kremlin acknowledged his guilt, but did not thereby facilitate a full investigation. Based on the original documents, Urban reconstructs the crime and propaganda war of the great powers, which included not only lies and falsifications, but also the murder of uncomfortable witnesses. A necessary, moving and enlightening book about one of the most terrible episodes of the Second World War.

-Price: € 23.90

-Editorial: The Sphere of books.

-N.º Pages: 312 and 48 illustrations.

Dominion by Tom Holland
In “Dominion: A New History of Christianity” he explores with his habitual erudition and his own experiences the trajectory of Christianity as a revolutionary and evolving force for the world. The script for the greatest story ever told. In a review from the Persian invasion of Greece in 480 B.C. Until the current migratory crises, from Nazareth to the Liverpool of the Beatles, this historian known for his works on Ancient Rome exposes the large number of elements of this religion that surround the ideas of the West and even its language.

A reminder to Europe that its cultural source is not Greece or Rome but the ever demonized Christian Middle Ages, where the first great civilization of our world emerged. As it tries to defend its work, as entertaining as well as documented, the West as we know it was carved by Christianity.

-Price: € 28.41

-Editorial: Ático de los Libros

-No. Pages: 624

-Price: € 23.90

-Editorial: The Sphere of books. .


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