Serious incidents with San Lorenzo fans in the classic against Boca: “A policeman entered the stands and started shooting rubber bullets”

The confrontation between fans of San Lorenzo and the Police

The party that meant the triumph of Saint Lawrence 2 to 1 against Boca Juniors by the seventh date of Professional League was clouded by the incidents that took place at the beginning of the meeting that was held in the under flowers. Due to unclear facts so far there are at least 14 injured, one of them seriously, and five detainees.

The first to come out to speak was the president of the Cyclone, Horacio Arriceygorwho at the end of the meeting was outraged in dialogue with the press by the unfortunate events that began before the initial whistle and continued for several minutes, while the ball rolled in the New Gasometer. “There were many injured, many people arrested. The truth is that with the violence with which the Police acted, it was totally irresponsible”, he pointed out.

The leader could not give too many details about how the conflict started since he approached the place when he saw that the problem had already started: “In the popular local there was a policeman who when people entered, I don’t know what happened, he started shooting rubber bullets and there the bullfight was armed and he moved to the stalls.

Riots and injuries in San Lorenzo after confrontation between fans and the Police

In that sector that divides the stalls with the popular one, a confrontation between fans and security agents then originated that, according to the first data that Arreceygor had, left “6 or 7 injured, none seriously, and 4 or 5 arrested”among which, according to reports, would be Cristian Evangelista, alias “Sandokán”, former leader of the Barça barrabrava. The president of the club also anticipated that in the next few hours he will meet with those responsible for the operation to demand explanations.

In the videos filmed from the stands you can see the moment in which hundreds of brave bars descend to the access beach to fight against the line of agents made up of no less than 30 officers of the City Police. From the security area they told Infobae that the conflict began at gate 10 when members of the local club’s supporters tried to enter the stadium without tickets: the confrontation between the supporters and the police ended with “14 police officers injured, one seriously with a concussion,” they detailed. In addition, they assured that the shots executed were not rubber bullets. “But shots were fired with thunder cartridges”.

On the other hand, Arreceygor denounced that the footballers of Boca Juniors They caused “destruction” in the locker room. As it was known, the players broke some posters in the place and hit a door. “What they did seemed totally irresponsible to us,” he said.

Saint Lawrence won for the first time in seven months in the New Gasometer and he did it no less than in the classic against Xeneize by 2 to 1 for the goals of Agustin Giay y Adam Bareiro. For the visitor had opened the account red frames. With the victory, the team Rubén Darío Insua He accumulates 10 points in seven dates and is excited to continue growing in the table to at least fight for a ticket to the Copa Sudamericana (he is 4 units away from those positions). His next opponent will be Banfield as a visitor.

For its part, Boca Juniors deepened its crisis after the elimination of the Copa Libertadores and the dismissal of the coach Sebastian Battaglia. The debut of the trident made up of Hugo Ibarra, Leandro Gracián and Mariano Herrón It was not what was expected and the team from La Ribera added their third consecutive fall in the contest. On Saturday he will receive Talleres in La Bombonera.


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