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Column EYE ON SPORTS by Kasiti Kamolnawin Ratchawangson

In the period before the kick-off day of the boiling red battle in Thailand Drama news ripples. what happened here There are a lot of fans of both teams and it is expected that they will not compete to buy tickets in time. But there’s still a lot left An investment programmer hires a famous singer to perform an appetizer, and someone asks, “Kaiwa?” And suddenly, 20,000 joint tickets are taken out after the sale has been cut online. Plus there and here After having said that the tickets that were sold out were all gone. Until someone asks the question, what do the fans who bought the expensive price in the first place do? Back and forth, the discounted tickets will not be sold again. The remaining half of the field

Since the news of the plan came out, I think Winit Lertratanachai is a really smart businessman. Known to seize the opportunity to pull Liverpool and Manchester United 2, the best football teams of the English Premier League, to strike the red-hot battle in Thailand on July 12 under the name of THE MATCH. The Bangkok Century Cup 2022 gives football fans in Thailand and across Asia a world-class experience outside of the UK, right on the pitch in Thailand. Even many of my comrades, both Thais and Malays, have contacted us since we haven’t even made an official announcement. Please help me find a way to buy tickets. which I told him to calm down. Now, the famous online card dealer must be open for sale for sure.

Tickets to this game are priced at 7 different levels, ranging from 5,000 baht, which is a seat on the top floor behind the door towards the corner a bit. That’s the worst viewing position on the field. The price gradually goes up depending on the position of the seat to watch the game better, respectively. 7,000 12,000 15,000 seats on the chairman side and opposite sides are the most, the price is 20,000 baht, the next 22,000 baht is the ground floor behind the door. And the most expensive is the ground floor, next to the side of the field, 25,000 baht, both 22,000 and 25,000. He made special seats for football fans to get close to the players and sold out quickly. Because there are only people who want to see the players in person up close, and the 15,000 and 20,000 cards that are the problem can’t be sold. Not many fans complain that it’s very expensive. However, if the average price is 20,000 baht multiplied by 49,000 seats, if it’s sold out, it should get close to 1,000 million baht.

This event brings together the 28-year-old South Korean boy band singer Jack-Sen Wang (王嘉爾) to help perform more guest programs. The truth should not be much of an issue. Who will sing? He would mainly watch the players, but when Wan Yubamrung, a politician, asked who he was, the boy band’s fan club came in and collapsed. causing the owner of Phae to come in to ask to end the drama, which later, MP Wan posted on his own Facebook that don’t really know not korean The tour bus is full of cursing. Was he very wrong? I understand fans. You might think that this guy is their favorite, really famous, that everyone needs to know. But I want to say I am another person who has to say like Wan Yubamrung, “Kaiwa?”

The bullshit has not yet disappeared. The buffalo intervened. And soon, another buffalo came in and added. Suddenly Facebook Fan Page “Pimry Pie Sells Everything” announced last night on June 23 that 20,000 tickets were sold at a discounted price. That’s almost half the pitch. You can also watch training. It also talks that there will be a lottery to find the lucky winners at the dining table with both Jack Sen Wang and the players of both teams, resulting in criticism of the online world from people who bought tickets from the beginning. Full price Madame Deer Watanya Bunnag also complained that the Pimry Pie drama The organizers refused to know. And what about the fans he bought at full price before, including himself? How will the organizer be responsible for selling this double standard price?

It’s just a game that takes place during difficult economic times. Tickets can be sold only at the closest seats. Other than that, it can’t be sold. Even if there are many discounts, exchanges, giveaways, even if you buy a 0% installment ticket for 10 months, you still think that it’s just a game. don’t look at the field You can watch the application at home. In this era, live entertainment has arrived in a mobile phone that is easily within the reach of our hands. Really take it if you’re stuck on business. You can’t watch it. Listen to the results later. or even don’t know the result The ball has already lost and won. What will the outcome be? As for anyone who hasn’t been able to touch the famous players, they won’t miss anything. because the time has passed when I sit back and think It’s just that. You can go to see the highlights on YouTube. There are still half the stadium tickets left. Selling for half price again So if you haven’t watched the highlights on YouTube, it’s probably fine. Which one do you like? Choose that.

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