SET reveals list of listed companies that pass preliminary criteria Nominated for the SET Awards 2022

SET in collaboration with the Banking and Finance Journal Announcing the list of 694 listed companies that have passed the pre-qualification screening criteria for the SET Awards 2022 before entering the review process. and announced and presented the SET Awards 2022 in November 2022. This year, the Best REIT Performance Award has been added, the ESG category has been increased for the Best Asset Management Awards, and the award category has been increased. Sustainability Excellence

Mr. Pakorn Pitathawatchai Director and Manager Stock Exchange of Thailand disclosed that the Stock Exchange of Thailand Together with the Banking and Finance Journal, the SET Awards is organized for the 19th consecutive year by presenting the SET Awards, a program dedicated to honoring companies that stand out as role models in the capital market in terms of performance and quality. To support the development of the potential of the Thai capital market Along with driving sustainable growth and benefiting all sectors In line with the SET’s vision “To Make the Capital Market ‘Work’ for Everyone”, in 2022, a total of 694 listed companies passed the pre-qualification screening criteria before entering the consideration process. and announcing and awarding the SET Awards 2022 during this November 2022

“This year, the SET has added awards for the Business Excellence group, including the addition of the Best REIT Performance Award to promote the development of real estate investment trusts or REITs, which are important fundraising tools for Thai businesses. and adding an ESG award category for the Best Asset Management Awards, given to asset management companies that focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) responsible investment; Sustainability Excellence has increased the level of the Commended Sustainability Awards from “Excellent” and “Outstanding” because there are now more listed companies participating in sustainability assessments. every year and is determined to seriously upgrade sustainability operations,” said Mr. Pakorn.

Mr. Santi Wiriyarangsarit editor-in-chief Banking Journal Co-organizer of SET Awards with SET and as a panel of experts to determine the SET Awards Said that the awarding of the SET Awards has been consistently successful every year. In 2022, the panel of experts recognizes the importance of sustainable development. This is an issue that every country around the world pays attention to. The criteria have therefore been revised by incorporating ESG into the SET Awards review, such as incorporating ESG scores into the Best Investor Relations Awards, or adding ESG awards for asset management companies.

The SET Awards are divided into 2 categories: 1) Business Excellence Award group, given to listed companies. securities company Asset Management Company Financial advisory firms and real estate investment trusts; and 2) Sustainability Excellence Award group, which is given to listed companies with outstanding business practices in accordance with sustainable development guidelines, both of which are awarded by Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration. of Chulalongkorn University (SASIN) is the award processor.
In addition, both the Business Excellence award group and the award group The Sustainability Excellence also has the SET Awards of Honor for companies or individuals who maintain outstanding excellence in any field. continuously for more than 3 years

Interested parties can follow the details of the SET Awards 2022 criteria and list of listed companies that have passed the pre-qualification screening at

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