Seven Impale – Summit – Album Review

2023-05-26 06:00:28

Seven Impale – Summit
Bergen / Norway
Label: Karisma Records
Long: 43:57
Progressive Rock

Before I am accused of deliberately feeding a phrase pig, it should be anticipated at this point that the Norwegian progressive rockers Seven Impale really all good things come in threes.

Then Summit is the third album after a creative break of almost seven years, and it really turned out well. Whether vinyl, CD or digital. Thanks to Karisma Records the fan has a free choice here.

Summiteers at work

Consists of only four tracks SummitLuckily everyone cracks or at least touches the ten minute mark, so that you can reach album length and give the song ideas space to develop. And there is a lack of such Summit certainly not. References to classic progressive rock can be found on every corner. The vocals and the hard saxophone are reminiscent of Van der Graaf Generator, the latter also at nu-jazz bands like the compatriots of Take care of Jazz. References and figures too King Crimson are also part of the party. Tool? Influences can also be heard here.

Since the latter played a kind of Proto Metal, it made sense to integrate hard Metal passages as well. All in all, however, they play very well-balanced and find an excellent balance to equally dreamy instrumental passages. The single is suitable as a tip for feeding Icaros excellent, of what HERE can be convinced.

Jazzcore with progressiveness or vice versa?

My personal favourite, if I have to name one, is the last track Sisyphus, who finds an almost perfect mixture of jazzy moments, metallic guitar heaviness towards jazzcore and attractive melodies. I especially like the rhythm of the track. The song is always one of them Peter Hammill close without reaching its fancifulness. The saxophone is never in the foreground and is both sharply phrased and played sweetly, depending on how the song requires it.

Since the predecessor counterpass Although a good seven years have passed, it is still Summit recognizable as a typical album of the band. It sounds more differentiated, fuller and simply more mature. The quiet moments are sweeter, the jazzy and hard moments all the more majestic. Seven Impale continue to follow the path of fusing classic progressive rock with nu-jazz and jazz metalcore elements. And they manage to do that more explicitly with each work.

Three albums and a steady maturing process is still visible. Seven Impale deliver with Summit a progressive masterpiece with great song ideas and high expressiveness. And again a candidate for the annual charts. 10 / 10.


Line Up
Benjamin Mekki Widerøe – Saxophone
Erlend Vottvik Olsen – The guitar
Fredrik Mekki Widerøe – Schlagzeug, Guitar, Singing
Håkon Mikkelsen Vinje – Keyboards, Vocals
Stian Økland – Guitar, Singing
Tormod Fosso – Bass

01. Hunter
02. Hydra
03. Icarus
04. Sisyphus

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