Several fires in Switzerland: firefighter injured – two dogs die in the flames

There was a fire in six different places in Switzerland last weekend. There were several injured and two dead dogs.

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A fire in the town church of Winterthur caused major property damage.

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The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

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There were no injuries.

Three people were injured in six fires over the weekend. An air tank exploded in Sion and injured a firefighter. In Kirchdorf BE, two people had to go to the hospital after the fire in a single-family home. And two dogs died in a farmhouse fire in Niederbipp BE.

The greatest damage to property occurred on Friday evening when the shop closed in a fire on the roof of the Mömax furniture store in Schönbühl BE. Employees and a few last customers were evacuated. The fire spread over a large area inside the roof. The extensive extinguishing work lasted late into the night. According to the police, the property damage is in the hundreds of thousands of francs. The Mömax branch is temporarily closed.

Explosion during fire fighting

In a container fire in Sion, an air tank exploded on Friday evening, according to initial findings. Flying debris slightly injured a firefighter while on duty.

A single-family house burned in Kirchdorf late on Friday evening. The two residents were able to leave the house in good time with the help of third parties, but had to be brought to the hospital by an ambulance for control. Your house is no longer habitable.

In Niederbipp, when a farmhouse burned, a person was able to get himself to safety on Saturday morning. Two dogs were killed in the living area. When the fire brigade arrived, this was already completely down. Parts of the cultivated part of the economy were also destroyed.

Major property damage in the fire in the Winterthur town church

In Gross SZ, a person from a burning holiday home also took himself to safety on Saturday evening. The one-story building was badly damaged. The fire brigade had to open the roof to extinguish it. The cause of all fires was not known on Sunday.

There were no injuries on Sunday afternoon in a fire in the town church of Winterthur. The fire caused property damage of tens of thousands of francs inside the church.


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