several personalities show their support for the family of the dead little girl during a chase with the # Justice4Mawda

Multi-award winning British director Ken Loach shared in a video in support of the Belgian association # Justice4Mawda, which supports the Kurdish family and campaigns against police violence and racism.

On November 11, the bassist of the group Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, also published a message in a video of more than two minutes addressed to Belgian citizens: “Make noise. Don’t let them sweep a child’s death under the rug. It’s not her fault she was born in a war-torn country. My heart breaks for her and her family ”.

In Belgium too, several personalities sent their message by video, including the theater actor David Murgia, the actor Yannick Renier, or the writer Thomas Lavachery.

All of them show their support for the battles led by # Justice4Mawda.

These support videos arrive a few days before the trial of the police officer for manslaughter which will open on November 23 at the Mons Court of First Instance.


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