Severe Flooding Hits Gagra Region Causing Emergency Situations in Abkhazia

2023-07-09 11:08:47

The Gagra region went under water after a heavy downpour.

Abkhazia took the blow of the elements. Powerful downpours hit the resort areas on the night of July 9, they continued during the day. The Gagra region was flooded, where the streets turned into raging rivers. The water rose high and entered the houses of local residents. Mudflows and landslides are known.

“Due to the difficult weather situation and in order to avoid emergency situations, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Abkhazia recommends that citizens and guests of the republic refrain from traveling to the Gagra region,” the ministry said in a statement.

Almost all residents of the Gagra region were left without electricity. The scale of damage to power lines is unknown, as there are no forecasts for the time of their restoration.

Law enforcement officers blocked several sections of roads where the situation is most difficult.

Recall that on the night of July 9, burst showers took place in the Khostinsky district of Sochi. About 80 millimeters of rain fell. As previously reported, at least ten cars were washed away along Ruchey Vidny Street near house No. 67. The water has already subsided. Monitoring teams will make a detour to assess the damage.

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