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Piglet Hell “KK Park” Live Organ Harvesting Ultra Brutal Forensic Doctor Gao Dacheng Reveals the Dark Inside Story of the Trade @中shinews.com

Fraud cases in Cambodia have recently attracted attention. Some people from Taiwan went to Cambodia to become victims of human trafficking. In the KK Park in Myanmar, the methods are even more brutal, and they are known for their live organ harvesting. In this regard, forensic doctor Gao Dacheng was interviewed and revealed that organ trading is a shady story. In the past, I have heard of patients who went to China to sell their kidneys but died tragically after having all their organs removed.

Gao Dacheng revealed that the main organs of the human body include the heart, liver, lungs and pancreas. The starting price for each organ is at least US$100,000 (about NT$3 million). 10,000, calling human organs is quite valuable.

Gao Dacheng recalled that in the past, a patient had disclosed to him that he was going to China to sell one of his kidneys because he had not paid out his gambling debts. The patient and the buyer negotiated a price for one kidney at 2 million, and the patient accepted the payment from the buyer. After making a deposit of 1 million yuan, he went to China, and there was no news after that. He later learned that the patient had already died in Huangquan. Because the organ removal operation was under general anesthesia, the buyer removed all his organs during the operation and sold them.

Gao Dacheng also shared that Taiwan’s organ donation procedures are cumbersome. It takes more than 2 hours for the donor to be judged to be brain-dead until the actual transplant operation, but Cambodia and other countries use living body removal, the technology is relatively simple, and the country will learn from advanced countries about organ transplantation. After the technology is used to make money and profit, there are even Taiwanese doctors who go to these countries to perform operations, because each operating one will earn 1 million yuan. Gao Dacheng said with emotion, “This is the way the world is. If you give money, someone will do it. The business will not stop. As long as human beings exist, someone will do it. It just depends on whether it is legal or not.”

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