Shadow/Russian super chariot was blown up by the Ukrainian army, the cost of 100 million was instantly vanished

Video Center/Reported by Liao Guoan

Russia has invaded Ukraine for more than five months, and the war has reached a stalemate. The military channel “Butusov Plus” of the communication software Telegram recently released a video. Air Force blow up. The video was then uploaded to YouTube, where it was viewed more than 240,000 times in just half a day.

The cost of the T-90 is equivalent to NT$100 million. It is the main chariot of the Russian army, and it is also known as the most advanced chariot in the world. However, it lost power and stopped in place after being hit by the Ukrainian army. (Picture / Recap of “Butusov Plus” YouTube)

The Ukrainian army claims that since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, at least 20 T-90 tanks, which are also known by Putin’s name “Vladimir”, have been destroyed. A recent video shows that after the Ukrainian air force in Kharkiv carried out a precision strike, a T-90 that was hit lost its power and stopped in place, and then detonated its internal ammunition. . The Ukrainian army said that it blew up the first T-90 in early May this year, and then blew up another with a Swedish rocket a few days later, showing no mercy to this super tank.

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