SHAMAN didn’t miss his cheating wife

Recently, the singer broke up with branded dreadlocks

Performing under the stage name SHAMAN, the performer of the patriotic hits “Let’s Get Up” and “I’m Russian”, Yaroslav Dronov, has long ceased to hide his influential wife, Elena Martynova, top manager of the Megafon company. At a recent solo concert at the Crocus City Hall, he even took her to the stage. Nevertheless, the public still has many questions about his personal life.

As you know, before Martynova, Dronov had another wife – a music school teacher from his hometown of Novomoskovsk, Tula Region, Marina Roshchupkina. She gave birth to Yaroslav’s daughter Varvara. The singer always spoke vaguely about the reasons for leaving Marina. And only last year, when he had already become a recognized star by all, there seemed to be an intelligible explanation why he had to part with her.

“In Novomoskovsk they knew about the romance of married Marina,” Maria Malakhova, the daughter of the former common-law wife of local musician Oleg Palamarchuk, told Komsomolskaya Pravda. – It began when Yaroslav was already working in Moscow. He rented a nice apartment for his wife and little daughter. But Marina categorically refused to move in with her husband: she found strange pretexts for this. She decided to find a part-time job in Novomoskovsk. Yaroslav Dronov’s father helped her. His old friend Oleg Palamarchuk in 2015 was looking for a backing vocalist in the group.

According to Malakhova, Yaroslav’s father recommended Marina to him. As a result, she began singing with the group in restaurants.

– Oleg was 18 years older than Marina, – the interlocutor of the publication continued. – It seems that Marina had a “wild love” for Oleg. However, Yaroslav did not want to believe in his wife’s betrayal. Marina dated Oleg from 2015 until his death from cancer in 2017. When Palamarchuk fell ill with cancer, my mother went to him, did dressings. Marina appeared there not so often. When Oleg died, Marina sat at the same table with his mother at the wake. After Palamarchuk’s death, she published their joint photos on her VKontakte page, addressed him words and poems about love.

Maria Roshchupkina and Oleg Palamarchuk (in a circle)

Remote Information

The ubiquitous Internet gossip, comparing information from various sources, doubted that Dronov’s first marriage could have been destroyed by his wife’s betrayal with Oleg Palamarchuk. And they suspected Yaroslav himself of Roshchupkina’s infidelity.

– Doesn’t it seem strange to you that Yarik filed for divorce when Marina “got on a spree”, and did not mention anywhere that he communicated well with his wife’s boyfriend? – asked one of the participants of the popular forum. – Since Yarik rubs the info, and rubs it scary, let’s turn to other sources. In December 2016, the Olympians Ball took place. There were many famous people at the ball. And among them is the Rush Hour cover band, in which he then sang. To get to such an event, you need connections. Especially for a simple cover band from weddings. According to the official version, Yarik met Elena with connections a few months after his divorce from Marina and immediately married her in November 2017. Officially, she divorced her ex-husband, writer Alexander Tsypkin, only in 2017. But in fact, at the end of 2016, she was already actively helping Yarik with concerts. Do you hear the inconsistency? It seems that Elena Yarika picked up back in 2016. And in order to disguise it, they came up with the betrayal of Marina and Palamarchuk during this period.

“You didn’t prove that Martynova, who at that time was married and not the fact that she already knew him, invited him to the Ball of Champions,” another forum member objected. – Maybe TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalova invited (in the summer of 2016 she posted a photo with Dronov on social networks and called him the future of rock music – M.F.). Or maybe the leader of “Rush Hour” knocked out himself, with his ass. Well, even if Martynova sculpted a career for Yarik, where can we cry? What is the problem with the wife helping her husband?

Rodin and Dronov were best friends (2016)

– It turns out that Dronov got divorced, already meeting with Martynova, and she instructed Tsypkin’s horns, – another participant of the forum explained. – They write about her divorce from Tsypkin that the couple broke up with a scandal, but all information about this has been deleted. Apparently, this was the scandal because of Dronov. Elena’s biography is also being cleaned. The fact that Martynova has been with Dronov since 2016 is confirmed by the words of the director of Rush Hour, Alexei Demin, that she came to them with Yarik to download rights when he no longer lived with Marina, but was not yet divorced from her. And the fact that Marina was doused with mud is generally beyond the bounds. If Dronov already lived a free life, as Demin said, then what should Marina expect?

– Look how Yarik was photographed by his beloved friend from Novomoskovsk Alexander Rodin! – the Internet user continued to share her findings. – By the way, Rodin has an uncle – concert director Fili Kirkorov for 20 years. And, as we remember, Yarik respects the work of Philip Bedrosych. Interestingly, Alexander posted on his page an obituary about the death of Palamarchuk, who allegedly stole his wife from his best friend Yarik. It turns out that Palamarchuk is not such an enemy to everyone. Maybe he didn’t take anyone away.

– As for me – a photo from the catalog “cheap escort”, – another forum member admitted. – And who took away or did not take away – there is no way to figure it out. The information in that dirty article about Marina was dictated by the daughter of Palamarchuk’s common-law wife. She talks about 2015, but there the explicit purpose of the article is to clean up the image of Yarik. According to his old interviews, Marina lived with him in Moscow in 2015. But what about the lover in Novomoskovsk then? So in fact, maybe everything started spinning there when Yarik was already with Martynova. Just around 2016. I think that they gave a shit to Marina in the soul, and a worthy person turned out to be nearby and supported her. And now they are covered in mud. Marina feel sorry for this situation. But maybe these people know Yarik better. From different sides, as they say.

Stylist Alexander Shevchuk died in terrible agony

A rare feeling of indifference

Judging by the social networks of Alexander Rodin mentioned on the forum, he was just one of those who communicated quite closely with Dronov. During meetings in Moscow, the singer even took him with him to visit another friend of his – fashion stylist Alexander Shevchuk. The same one who two years ago, according to media reports, had fun in the company of two guys and died in the hospital as a result of a serious injury.

“Despite the fact that Yaroslav and I have not been friends since childhood, this person has influenced my life more than anyone else,” Rodin frankly told his subscribers. – Has it happened to you that you rarely see a person, and you rarely talk, but if you meet, then akhtung – the clock stops? Yaroslav appeared in my life, like everyone else, by accident. A 14-year-old dude just came to the studio one day. He says: “I want to record a song.” I say: “If you want – write.”

So a year or two passed. We spent a lot of time together, and at some point I realized that we were friends. Yaroslav is a man with strong energy and a rare sense of indifference to someone else’s opinion. Well, as if “Go on, I want to and I will do it!”. The person about whom they say: “He’s damn lucky!” The person about whom I still say: “He is very talented!” A person who periodically – forgive me Yaroslav! – blows the roof from popularity. And yes, he turns into a selfish goat. But we also often behave like goats, don’t we?

“Everything that was in life cannot be erased”

– If a person is honest with himself and feels right about himself, why should he clean up some information about himself? – Oksana Romanenko, general director of the PR agency Success, shared her opinion with Express Gazeta. – You can erase what is written on paper or on the Internet. But globally, everything that was in life cannot be erased. Sooner or later it will come out anyway.

Of course, situations are different. If they write nasty things about a person by order, undeservedly denigrate him, this must be dealt with. And trying to clean up what a person has adjusted himself does not make sense.

It happens that such requests come from customers. But I never do it. And to the same SHAMAN, I would not clean anything up. Life is life. Someone is cheating on someone. Someone is leaving someone. What’s the difference – he left or his wife left! The main thing is that they are no longer together. And this cannot be changed.

Photo source:, Social networks, Boris Kudryavov

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