‘Shame on you, Ranjit; Sitting is not in the family yard’ | Ranjith IFFK | SFI | Vidhu Vincent Shafi Parambil | Manorama News | Kerala News | News from Kerala

Vidhu Vincent against Ranjith, the chairman and director of the film academy. “Shame on you Ranjith,” Vidhu wrote on social media. Vidhu shared Ranjith’s statement that mass protests at film festivals are like barking dogs.

Shafi Parambi MLA responded that Ranjith should apologize to Kerala. If Ranjith is not ready to apologize to Kerala that he pulled the chair to escape from the old SFI label, is he ready to remove him from that position? Shafi also asks.

“All the similes are fine, Ranjith sir, but Kerala will not bow down to the tyranny of seeing youth protests as the barking of a steward’s dog. It should be remembered that the old SFI label has been called and pulled the chair to escape, not in the courtyard of his ancestral home, but in the position of president of the Mela and Academy organized with people’s tax money. If Ranjith is not ready to apologize to Kerala, is the culture minister ready to remove him from that post? Oh you are old SFI too…Ranjith also tries to underline that old SFI is a license to indulge in anarchy. Salutations to all the old and new who are not ready to reject it.

Vidhu Vincent and Shafi Parambil against Ranjith

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