Shanghai Grand Gateway 66 joins hands with Cirque du Soleil to create “X Show” with a stunning opening of the carnival grand opening, and encounters diverse and colorful

Source Title: Shanghai Ganghui Plaza and Cirque du Soleil create “X Show” stunningly unveiled, the grand opening of the carnival, the bright opening, encountering diverse and colorful inspirations

Today, the Grand Gateway 66 “GatewayToInspiration-Inspiration Leads the Way, Surprises” event was unveiled. For the first time, it innovatively joined hands with the Canadian national treasure theater Cirque du Soleil to create a rehearsal and staged a brilliant performance “X Show” “To build the mall into a different kind of fantasy world. Wonderful circus performances, surprise pop-up interactions, and exclusive limited-edition boutiques of major high-end brands are presented in turn. The super-popular scene is unprecedented and the heat is bursting! There are also stars such as LONGCHAMP spokesperson Wang Ziwen and actress Clara Lee (Clara Lee). Big coffee to help out. The colorful and diverse carnival leads Shanghai consumers to shuttle through the fascinating fantasy scene, adding style to the Shanghai landmark of Shanghai Ganghui Hang Lung Plaza, which is a modern, trendy and artistic Shanghai landmark, opening an all-weather wonderful journey, and injecting a steady stream of wonderful surprises. , Feel the inspiration of life.

Inspiration leads the way, mysterious fantasy

Shanghai Ganghui Hang Lung Plaza and the world-class cultural treasure brand Cirque du Soleil have joined forces for the first time, using an open commercial space and a cross-border model of circus performances to jointly interpret a flowing artistic feast-“X Show”. The content of the performance is absorbed The only classic chapter of the resident show in Asia, the original team assembled to bring the wonderful visual shock and artistic tension to Shanghai consumers. As a landmark shopping mall in Shanghai, Shanghai Grand Gateway 66, in addition to improving the infrastructure of hardware facilities, always insists on exploring innovative operating models, constantly introducing cutting-edge partners, and breaking the homogenized shopping mall function positioning as an industry pioneer. Innovating the shopping experience and consumption model.

With its subversive interpretation of traditional circus performances and luxurious and shocking stage performance, Cirque du Soleil, the national treasure of Canada, has the reputation of “there is no opponent to speak of” as the pyramid-tip art. In the course of more than 30 years of development, the magical charm of modern circus blooms and has won the favor of audiences all over the world. The special performance of “X Show” staged at Shanghai Grand Gateway 66 is different from the theater-like closed venue environment. Cirque du Soleil adapted to local conditions according to the layout and movement of the mall, allowing the circus art to go out of the theater and in the public space of the mall. Continue writing classics, presenting an unprecedented close-up scene art experience for Shanghai consumers.

At the event site, as the flags symbolizing the two kingdoms fluttered on both sides of the stage, the meticulously polished masterpiece “X Show” was staged in Shanghai Ganghui Hang Lung Plaza. A legendary story has begun, and every moment is shocking. When night fell, the mysterious and gorgeous desert brigade slowly walked from the promenade to the stage amidst bursts of cheers and shutters, weaving an exotic journey for the audience in the stadium.

In addition to grand stage performances, Shanghai Ganghui Plaza 66 creatively combined the main plot of “X Show”, specially customized event exclusive mini programs to enhance consumer interactive experience, and win multiple gifts through wonderful online and offline linkages. The mini program covers a variety of interactive content: select a team to become a member of the kingdom, open a new way of fantasy journey; shopping points increase the energy of the team and increase the competitive nature of the game. This unique experience of participation allows customers not only to be spectators, but also participants in the magical kingdom. They can use their “strength” to let the fantasy shine into reality, and meet infinitely exciting at Shanghai Ganghui Plaza 66.

Inspiration lights up, opens the beauty

On the day of the event, Shanghai Ganghui Plaza 66 was transformed into a circus atmosphere. At the entrance of the outer square, a merry-go-round with its own romantic filter showed beautiful colors to the crowd, attracting a constant stream of modern and trendy people to punch in and freeze the wonderful and happy moments of life. In the north atrium, two soldiers in the play guard one of the large blockbuster props that are re-enacted one-to-one, the birdcage car. The smart and eye-catching design also attracted many consumers to stop and take pictures. In the inner street, there are occasional pop-up performances, and NPCs on each floor creatively distribute beauty samples, surprise meals, and no-threshold coupons and other surprises and gifts, spreading the joyful atmosphere to every corner of the mall. At the beginning of the Hua Deng, DJ Gemini’s dynamic music ignited the radiant inner street, and the whole audience was immersed in this wonderful non-stop carnival, leaving a beautiful mark on every precious moment of gathering.

In addition to responding to consumers’ yearning for a better life, Shanghai Grand Gateway 66 has always actively integrated the concept of sustainable development into its own development goals and business. At the ceremony, Ms. Hu Huiya, Deputy Director of Hang Lung Group, joined hands with Ms. Liang Shangjiu, General Manager of Longchamp China, and Ms. Wang Ziwen, her spokesperson, to jointly sign the Environmental Protection Convention and implement environmental protection plans to witness this with the consumers present. A “green moment”. At the same time, this also opened the prelude to Ganghui Henglong’s green environmental protection public welfare, in the future, it will join hands with more brands to advocate and promote environmental protection, create an enjoyable living space, and shoulder greater corporate responsibilities. On the day of the event, actress Clara Lee also made a surprise appearance at the opening ceremony of the light luxury women’s clothing brand VOV, interpreting current fashions, and exploring the brand value with a multi-dimensional female perspective and unique insights.

Inspiration symbiosis Lohas life

Major brands in shopping malls also launched colorful activities for consumers to enjoy special limited editions, making them rare and joyous. The DELVAUX store has carefully selected a limited edition of 6 classic caramel outer sewing bags, adding a touch of elegance to the autumn and winter; the ingenious hollow design of the HUBLOT titanium rainbow watch with new ceramic colors is eye-catching, bringing the brilliance to the wrist ;PIAGET’s Limelight Gala series, 5 tsavorites with dazzling brilliance and 37 colorful sapphires…

Various brands also give gifts and use personalized experiences to help colorful and wonderful: high-end leather goods brands such as BALENCIAGA, TORY BURCH, etc., launch personalized services such as drip paint graffiti/fire paint seals; SISLEY provides exclusive hot stone care services for full customers; GUERLAIN stores integrate French floral masters are exquisitely decorated, romantic sentiment and artistic atmosphere can be felt everywhere; there are also exquisite coffee breaks of many brands such as CELINE ice cream cart, LOEWE coffee cart, JIMMYCHOO dessert cart, etc., for customers to interact with and experience wonderful special surprises.

Shanghai Ganghui Plaza 66 has always valued every customer. Since the membership system launched the new customer relationship management program “Hang Lung Club”, this year it also created a unique night of surprises for the distinguished Hang Lung Club high-end guests for the first time. The hazy and exquisite setting, the elegant German Villeroy & Boch tableware is accompanied by the exquisite combination of wine and food, and the wonderful singing from the king and queen of “X Show”, so that the guests on the scene can feel the unique charm of circus art close at hand and enjoy this It’s a wonderful experience, as if walking in a fantastic journey.

With the theme of “GatewayToInspiration, Infinite Surprise”, Shanghai Ganghui Plaza 66 will start a unique journey full of surprises with the theme of “GatewayToInspiration” At the same time, I also reap my own good time.

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