Shanghai International Film Festival opening red carpet show spoilers in the second half of the blockbuster “Fengshen” trilogy will be released in July Andy Lau and Shen Teng’s new film is coming-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

2023-06-09 23:17:00

Shanghai International Film Festival opening red carpet show spoilers The second half of the blockbuster “Fengshen” trilogy will be released in July Andy Lau and Shen Teng’s new film is coming

Yesterday, the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival opened. The opening film was “I Love You!” directed by Han Yan and starring Ni Dahong, Hui Yinghong, Liang Jiahui and Ye Tong. “. In addition to the Golden Goblet Award in the competition unit, the international film screening section will also screen more than 400 films of different styles, genres and themes.

The highlight of last night was the red carpet segment, where Chow Yun Fat, Wu Jing, Shen Teng, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Hanyu, Nicholas Tse, Zhou Dongyu, Ni Ni, Wang Yuan and many other stars appeared one after another.

These stars all come with “tasks”. In addition to awards, the film festival is also a platform to promote the film. The stars are basically based on the crew. Their appearance also means that the film is not far away from being released.

In other words, this Shanghai International Film Festival has spoiled the big drama in the second half of this year in advance. Let’s take a look and see if there is any movie you are looking forward to.

“Volunteer Army: Heroes Attack”

The film is directed by Chen Kaige and starred by Xin Baiqing, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Zifeng, and Chen Feiyu. The story will take the portraits of the volunteer army as the main line, presenting the heroic sons and daughters who defend the motherland on all fronts.

In order to achieve the most realistic battlefield conditions, the crew is equipped with more than 30,000 sets of clothing, including more than 200 types and styles, including more than 60 types of military uniforms, and more than 100,000 catties of old clothes; nearly a hundred great men have been restored Modeling, making tens of thousands of inverted molds with different damage effects; large old weapons such as planes and tanks are all 1:1 replicas, and it takes a month to build three planes. In addition, the actors who played the role of soldiers in the film all received a lot of strict military training, and the 300 actors in the group practiced for as long as a month.

Chen Kaige once revealed that the feature of the film is a Chinese war epic film shot on a panoramic scale and weather, which feels more grand than “Changjin Lake”. At present, the film has been scheduled to be released on National Day this year.

“Fengshen Part One”

The opening chapter of the mythical epic film “Fengshen Trilogy” directed by Wu Ershan will be released on July 20. The film is also star-studded, starring Fei Xiang, Li Xuejian, Huang Bo, Yu Shi, Chen Muchi, Ji Sha, Wu Yafan, Xia Yu, Yuan Quan, Wang Luoyong, Hou Wenyuan, Huang Xiyan, Li Yunrui, Yang Jue and Chen Kun.

“Fengshen Trilogy” is based on the Ming Dynasty novel “Fengshen Yanyi” and the Song and Yuan storybook “Wu Wang’s Fighting Pinghua”. The director invited many experts to spend nearly five years revising and polishing the script. On the premise of inheriting the classics, There are many innovative adaptations: the list of gods is set as the treasure left by Nuwa to save the common people, and at the same time, it sets a new perspective for telling the story. The film no longer uses Jiang Ziya as the core to tell the story of King Wu’s defeat of Zhou, but pushes the young “King Wu of Zhou” Ji Fa to the current audience.

In terms of the story, the movie “Fengshen Part I” is the prelude to “Fengshen Trilogy”: Shang Wang Yinshou colluded with the fox demon Daji, tyrannical and innocent, and caused divine punishment. The Kunlun fairy Jiang Ziya went down the mountain with the “Fengshen Bang” to find the Lord of the World and save the common people. Ji Fa, the son of Xibohou, gradually discovers Yin Shou’s true colors, and turns back to Chaoge…

“Super Family”

A comedy movie with a high amount of “Teng” was originally scheduled to be released during the Spring Festival last year, but because it was too late to produce special effects, it was re-scheduled for release this summer (July 21).

This is also the second collaboration between director Song Yang, Alan and Shen Teng after “The Iron Fist of Shame”. In the film, Allen and his unreliable family who have superpowers will fight against the most sincere villain in history-Chichikov played by Shen Teng, triggering a battle between superpowers and banknotes. According to reports, the film was filmed in six places at home and abroad, and the shooting period was nearly half a year. It is said that there were more than 1,700 special effects shots.

This time, Shen Teng is playing the role of the villain, with blond hair and a big back, and a new look with golden teeth and hooked nose, which is estimated to be able to fill up the joy.

“The annual meeting can’t stop! “

From “Keep You Safe” to “Auspicious Ruyi” and “Sewing Machine Band”, Dapeng can also be regarded as a successful representative of the small figures in the comedy world.

This movie also takes a small person as the main character, telling an inspirational story about a worker who rectifies the workplace: Hu Jianlin (played by Dapeng), a fitter, was transferred to the headquarters of the group by accident and became a gold collar. Hu Jianlin, who was incompatible with the big factory, was not found The problem is that it is still going up to the third level in a row, which makes the colleague Ma Jie (played by Bai Ke) who is caught in this mistake panic… While the film directly faces the living conditions of migrant workers in the workplace, it will also satirize all kinds of things that are emerging in an endless stream. “Strange phenomenon in the workplace”, both the leading role and the story are very down-to-earth.

“Operation Moscow”

The film has a strong lineup, directed by Qiu Litao, co-produced by Han Sanping and Andy Lau, and starring Zhang Hanyu, Andy Lau, Huang Xuan, and Janice Man.

The film is adapted from the “Sino-Russian Train Robbery” that shocked the world: In 1993, there were many violent robberies with guns on the K3/4 international train to and from Beijing and Moscow, the only land transportation line connecting China and Europe. The Chinese police intervened in the transnational investigation and vowed to bring the murderer to justice. The special operations team headed by the railway police went deep into unfamiliar countries, pretending to be businessmen and going deep into dangerous situations, with only one goal: to arrest criminals and successfully extradite them back to the country.

As the director of film series such as “Bomb Disposaler” and “Sweeping Drugs”, Qiu Litao can be called a “bomb expert”. He is very good at gun battles, explosions and other adrenaline-inducing scenes. Those who like Hong Kong movies can look forward to it.

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