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A tragic incident occurred recently in Sydney, Australia, where sharks “eaten” tourists alive. At that time, many people on the shore witnessed the whole process, and there was even a large area of ​​blood on the sea. The deceased was a 35-year-old British man Nelister (Simon Nellist), ironically, he has loved the ocean and marine life all his life. He was in swimming training at the time of the incident, but he did not expect to be separated from his lover forever.

British man dies after being attacked by sharks (Picture / Retrieved from Twitter)

According to Australia’s “9 NEWS” and the British “Sun”, the incident occurred in Sydney’s “Little Bay Beach” (Little Bay Beach). It is reported that Nelister was only 150 meters from the coast when the accident occurred. Swimming training, I didn’t expect a 4.5-meter-long shark to bite him in half in the next second. After witnesses on the side heard the screams, the shark had already devoured Nelister’s body. Part of the body, the entire sea was even stained red with blood.

The report pointed out that Nelister was originally a British Air Force officer. He came to Australia after retiring from the army 6 years ago and fell in love with a local Chinese woman. The two were originally scheduled to get married last year, but the relationship was postponed due to the epidemic. Nelister has loved the ocean all his life, and in a Facebook video, he can be seen “swimming” with 10 sharks. He, who was a diving instructor before his death, criticized many times in the past that the “drumlines” shark traps set up on Sydney beaches led to the death of sharks.

In addition, according to the “Daily Mail”, Nelister is the first person to be killed by a shark attack at Little Harbor Beach since 1960. The report also quoted Sydney University expert Chris Pepin-Neff as saying that there have only been 10 to 12 incidents of shark attacks on humans in Australia in the past 30 years. The suit was mistaken for a seal by a shark.

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